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  1. two guys went to my home and knock the door. They asked me if I had listen to the word of minidisc... They were dressing black suits
  2. Hello guys I read a post a week ago where a guy told that he can view how many hours of playback were left in battery using his Mznh1 and the Rmmc40elk remote. My question is: If I use the rm-mc40elk with my mz-nh900 , would be possible to view hours left in battery with the rm-mc40elk? oh one more thing: Please if someone knows rm-mc40elk sellers, leave the info. Thanks
  3. Also, yu can import your cd as wav using SonicStage. Then convert the wav file to whathever Atrac bitrate you want. Import the new atrac file and just divide it with sonicstage. Then of course if ytou want to you can erase the blank space.
  4. I think that Sharp recorders has better mic input. But you can't find Sharp HImd recorders so you won't be able to upload recordings in digital mode via usb.
  5. Hello Nick. First of all welcome to the forums. I will complement the info a little. 1 and 2: There are four ways to record music that's in your computer to your minidisc: A) you can connect aa analog cable from your computer soundcard's line out or speaker out to your unit's line in. This recording mode will be in realtime. I mean if you want to record 1 hour of music, you will have to wait 1 hour to complete the recording. You end up with an analog recording. B ) you can use the same method described above but with a soundcard with digital out and connect it via the optical cable to your minidisc. You will end with a optical recording. Realtime also. C)you can connect your computer to the minidisc via a PC link. A pc link is a signal converter. You connect the pc link to the usb port in your computer and it will convert the signal to optical/digital or analog (depending on the pc link) signal. Then you connect the pc link out with a cable (analog or gigital, it depends on pc link) to your minidisc in and you start recording. This is a realtime recording process too. You will end up with an analog or digital recording (one more time, it depends on the pclink type). D) You can connect your minidisc's usb port to your pc usb port via a provided Usb cable and use SonicStage software to transfer the files to your minidisc at much faster speed than the realtime recording process (don't remember exactly right now but 80x or something). You will end up with a digital recording and it's very fast procedure to transfer music from computer to minidisc. As you may know there are two generations of himd portable minidisc. Both of them use SonicStage to transfer music from computer to minidisc, so you can't just drag and drop music files onto your minidisc. If you use a 1st generation himd minidisc, you will have to convert your music files (let's say a mp3) to Atrac with SonicStage and then you will be able to transfer them to the minidisc (the program will automatically convert and transfer the files). There's no way to play a mp3 music file or wav file in your 1st generation minidisc without converting the file to Atrac before. In a 2nd generation himd minidisc you will be able to tansfer mp3 files to your minidisc without having to convert them to Atrac before, but you can transfer the files only with SonicStage. Also, you can convert the files to Atrac and then transfer to minidisc, just like in 1st generation himds. 4: You can download any file to your minidisc. You can use the minidisc as an usb storage device, so you will use it as a giant floppy disc. 5: If you need more info you should take a look at: www.minidisc.org . Check for "what are minidisc" title and the info above title. Hope that helps
  6. It's weird. I use podcast with my mznh900. I import them with SonicStage and then transer to himd in hilp mode. I have never had a problem with bitrates or something like that. You could use a program like dbpowerAmp to convert the files without losing a lot of time. I have used it to convert some music and it works wonderfully.
  7. I use only 1400mah batteries with my mznh900. Not a single problem . Ever. In fact, I charge them with my player. If you're gong to buy batteries try to buy sony batt.
  8. ???? "Since I'm in Canada right now...."
  9. Tell us what do you think of them when you receive them.
  10. Take a look at the sennheiser page. Look for the px series in the portable headphones section. (leatherette , not leather thought)
  11. Very nice unit! Sorry, but I can't find it in any store. Good luck!
  12. do a search. this has been discussed a pair of times.
  13. for example: if the cable touches your jacket zipper, you can hear that noise in your hears thru the headphones. I mean that the cable carries the sound to your ears. Check this: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showt...hl=microphonics (post number 6)
  14. let us know if the problem was the recorder when you receie the new unit. Maybe it will be useful for someone who has the same problem. ps: I'm glad they exchanged your unit, congratulations
  15. Does this means that we can expect a HiMD 3rd generation ?
  16. Few years ago I had the same problem with my MzR70. It was the recorder opening by itself (a little), so i just adjust the screws on the body. Hope this help someone
  17. what you say makes sense, really (my hair is a little long). But I'm kind of disapointed with earbuds quality construction (obviously not expensive ones). I bought a pair of mdrex71s twon months ago. Now, the cable is melt and I'm asking for a refund. So... I don't think I will buy another pair of earphones in a long time. Thanks for your advice
  18. thanks both of you for your advice. Anyone else?
  19. what about selecting shuffle in subplay mode and then selecting by group in mainplay mode?
  20. Hi everyone. I want to buy some portable headphones for using with my mznh900. I think I'll buy the sennheiser's PX200 , but first I want to read some reviews from people who owns or has tried this headphones. Anyones who owns a pair? Your experience with them? Thanks for your time
  21. I own a pair of mdr-ex71 earphones. The sound quality is good (not awesome). Compared to stock earphones that come with Minidisc players or mp3 players, this are very good. But the problem is that they are very fragile and the construction quality is poor. The cable is very thin. The cable that goes form the left to the right earphone in my pair is like melted. Yes, I can see the wires inside the rubber cover! so I'm asking for a refund. Note that I only use this to listen to my Minidisc while walking, not running or anything. About the other options: the mdr-ex51 sounds worse than the mdrex71 (look for the freq response). Maybe you should take a look at Panasonic-HJE50s if you're looking for in-ear closed earphones (I have read some good reviews on them). Also, check this Post: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=8592
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