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  1. Hi Rich, I've been away for a long time (spent some time on the dark side with a Nano) and just re-read this posting of yours. I sure would like to record radioshows to himd and I'm thinking of buying the onkyo.

    I have a question regarding the timer-recording of your unit.

    Can you set it, say on a saturday, to record

    Timer 1: Record sunday at 20:00-23:00 from the radio preset station 4

    Timer 2: Record tuesday at 13:00-14:00 from the radio preset station 2


    ie. can you tell it, in advance, which different stations to record from ?



  2. They sell a tripod to hold it. This seems unduly cumbersome to me, and certainly isn't stealthy.


    But you can get the same microphone elements cheaper in the Sound Professionals BMC-2's. Get them with the clips.


    If you want to mount them on eyeglasses or something else--see greenmachine's pinned thread in this topic--


    the Sound Professionals BMC-9 look very tempting and tiny, but it doesn't look like they offer clips that hold them.

    I'm going on a bus-trip. Mics clipped onto eyeglasses - bet I'll score big with those on - they'll think I'm nuts :-)

    Thanks for taking the time and for the great tips. I think you are right about the Reactivesounds mics.

    I'll do some research on the Sound Professionals mics and check out the greenmachine thread.


  3. Hi all, I own a NH1 that I've never really used.

    Now, I'm going on a trip soon and I would like to

    experiment with recording a travel montage (would

    love someday to produce the same quality as

    those heard on the radio, although I think they

    use very expensive Nagra gear) and would like to

    ask what to expect from bringing a NH1 and a

    cheap reactivesounds mic recording ambient street

    sound with occational commentary. I've done no

    recording work before.

    Any comments ?


  4. go with an MP3-player (even the recorders here can find a unit that can record with the same quality MD can).

    What MP3-player unit is that, that can record with the same quality MD can?


  5. fifteen years is a damn good product lifecycle

    Just bought myself a new turntable for playing records.

    "Disc records were invented by Emile Berliner in 1888, and were used exclusively in toys until 1894, when

    Berliner began marketing disk records under the Berliner Gramophone label. In the mid-1910s, disk records

    overtook cylinders in popularity, and would dominate the market until the 1990s" (Wikipedia)

    lp's are still manufactured and sold by the millions.

    100+ years and still going strong. Now, *thats* a pretty good product lifecycle ... :-)

    Well, maybe it's Reel 2 Reel for me then, although they'd be heavy to carry.


  6. It was only last year that analogue studio recording tape died (Quantagy, I believe it was, was the final manufacturer of tape. Many people still mourn. I grew up with digital but I understand thier grief. The bassy warmth of analogue shall be forever missed).

    They are up and running again ...


  7. I got a couple from Amazon to keep me going until I can find the nice blue ones in the small cases!


    £4.99 GBP each - not sure if it's cheap but it is a fast and fuss free way to get them to your doormat!


    *** We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order by changing its quantity to 0 and clicking the update button below

    Not available for EU.

  8. Hi, I've a CMT-M333 (bookshelf) that I use for timed recordings for recording classical music shows from the radio and a JB-980 for playback in my hifi setup.

    Now, I've seen that the CMT-AH10 Hi-MD (bookshelf) has been announced.

    I would like one as a replacement for my CMT-M333 for timed recording of radio shows.

    Has anybody seen this for sale as of yet ? I'm in Europe and would like to buy one.

    (To bad I cannot use the recordings directly on a Hifi Hi-MD deck. Will have to transfer

    to MD to play back on my JB-980.)


  9. when I'm out recording interviews and stuff, I've got my heavy duty, big enough to carry all equipment Lowepro D-RES 10AW (actually a digit camera bag, but very protective/soft and with a lot of nice subdivisions and ample space for a small mic, extra batt, two or three md's,...) and it's highly durable even has a rain hood thingy (this is the one that goes with me on snowboardingtrips!!

    Hi. I'm soon to receive a NH1 and I'm also looking for a bag.

    That Lowepro looks like a great bag. I'm going to check it out.


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  10. Simple Burner 2 ... (is) not retrieving the track names for CDs from the Internet

    ... begin CDDB registration...  Clicking the Registration does nothing

    Hi, I just had the same problem and found

    this solution on a Sony forum:

    "Go to Explorer and do a seach for CDDB. You will find two files under the following two and/or three subdirectories-

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sony Shared\AVLib


    C:\Program Files\Sony\Sonic Stage Simpe Burner






    Rename the ones under the Sony subdirectory(ies) to end in "old" instead of "DLL" .

    Copy the ones in the Windows\System32 subdirectory and paste them to the two Sony Subdirectories.

    Open Simple Burner...poof!"

    Worked for me


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