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  1. .. in the movie "Interview with the Vampire"? Kinda' embarrassing to not know a track's origin for almost a decade now, when it's been on my mind wherever I go. Here's the sample I pulled off the movie: http://wm.tx0.org/tmp/iwtv.mp3 I also heard this briefly in "The Pianist".
  2. Here are some shots from the movie "The Specialist" I posted earlier .. The MD in PDA seems legit though I doubt it actually exists. :-)
  3. Well I haven't put them on ebay. But 'richyhu' has taken all of the bitclub "arrows".
  4. usd / # / description s = shrinkwrapped n = new but not shrinkwrapped, unless indicated otherwise u = used 3.00 1 TDK Bitclub "BitFire" 74 Min (2000) sn 3.00 2 TDK Bitclub "Barcode" 80 Min (2002) sn 2.50 2 TDK Music Jack 74 Min (2001); green(1), beige(1) sn 3.00 1 TDK HO 80 Min (2003); pink(1) sn 2.50 2 Aiwa MD-M74U3 74 Min (unknown year) sn 2.50 5 TDK Fine 80 Min (2003); green(2), pink(1), black(2) sn 1.50 2 TDK MDSG 74 Min (unknown year) sn 2.50 2 TDK Fine 74 Min (2001); pink(1), blue(1) (came in 5-pak) n 2.00 1 TDK Lucir 80 Min (unknown year); pink(1) n 2.00 2 Sony Bianca 80 Min (2004); red(1), purple(1) n 2.00 1 Panasonic MIX 80 Min (unknown year); green(1) n 1.00 1 Denon Lapisia 74 Min (2002); red(1) u 1.00 1 Sony Bianca 74 Min (2002); red(1) u 1.00 1 Sony Color Collection (unknown year); green(1) u http://wm.tx0.org/md-trade for further details.
  5. I updated the list of MDs for sale. As of now, I'm done with the format. I'll be putting up my MZ-N10 up for sale too, then the rest of my minidisc collection that has music on them. If noone takes these, I'll put them on ebay. Take a look at my list at: http://wm.myjp.net/md-trade I don't think you'll be able to get MDs with these styles anywhere in the USA except for import stores. And they're certainly pricey (hummm). Let me know via email: levanel @ gmail.com
  6. Heh, what happens when your NetMD unit loses its NetMD functionality? You can't erase songs/reformat the disc manually.. must use SS. But you can't use SS when USB connectivity doesn't work right? Grrr.
  7. Would you be willing to trade for a few blanks instead? I've got my N10 cable with cradle sitting around after my unit stopped working in netMD mode. Let me know.
  8. Wow, 1000+ views and no replies. Anyway, check here to see the full list of titles in my possession: http://wm.myjp.net/indy --- Dark Ambient Soundscapes/Experimental > Iszoloscope: Aquifere > Iszoloscope: Les Gorges des Limbes > M^2 (Squaremeter): Aswad > R|A|A|N: The Nacrasti > Terra Sancta: Aeon > Lustmord: Zoetrope > Wolfskin: Campos de Matanca (90/599, rare!) > Nordvargr: Awaken > Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk: Vitagen > Toroidh: Europe is Dead > Troum: Tjukurrpa (Part III: Rhythmns and Pulsations) > Kammarheit: The Starwheel > Visions: Lapse Industrial Electronica/Experimental > Exclipsect + Kaebin Yield: Symbiosis Split-CD > KK Null + Moz: Split-CD > Vromb: Le Facteur Humain > Iszoloscope: Au Seuil du Neant > Iszoloscope: Le Denominateur Commun > Iszoloscope: Coagulating Wreckage > Muted Logic: False Lines > ScrapeDX: The Latitude Project > ScrapeDX: Recoil the Void > Amish Rake Fight: Fellow Prisoners > Antigen Shift: Next to Depart > HIV.11LTD Fuck. Independent/Gothic Rock > Collide: Some Kind of Strange > Collide: Chasing the Ghost > La Floa Maldita: Salut Jacques > Hollar: A Little Peace of Quiet -- Minidisc recordings in MDLP format LP2 > Iszoloscope: Le Denominateur Commun (selected tracks) Iszoloscope: Coagulating Wreckage (selected tracks) Iszoloscope: Les Gorges des Limbes (selected tracks) Iszoloscope: Au Seauil Du Nant (selected tracks) LP2 > Lustmord: Where the Black Stars Hang Nordvargr/Drakh: Cold Void of Nothing LP2 > Collide: Some Kind of Strange Collide: Chasing the Ghost LP2 > Iszoloscope: Aquiferes Iszoloscope: Les Gorges des Limbes LP4 > Troum: Tjukurrpa (Part III: Rhythmns and Pulsations) Nordvargr/Drakh: Infinitas in Aeternum Toroidh: Europe is Dead Nordvargr: Awaken LP4 > Terra Sancta: Aeon R|A|A|N: The Nacrasti Wolfskin: Campos de Matanca Lustmord: Zoetrope Nordvargr - selected tracks: steril, steril 2 Herbst9 - selected tracks: endless deep, sulfur
  9. How much do those cables cost nowadays?
  10. .. Kidneythieves? What would you recommend? So far, I've been influenced by the heavy "post production" of femme vocals, excessive vamping, and overall industrial electronic texture. I've turned up later albums of Curve and a few songs from Snake River Conspiracy. Massive Attack's "dissolved girl" is slightly a different genre but acceptable, and I would deem it similar to Telegenetic (unreleased group), as well as Mono whom also released few tracks. Pandora.com's Music Genome Project is quite lame, and has been giving me maybe 30% of the songs I want to hear. Last.fm is mostly the same I suppose, but categorized/tagged by their userbase.
  11. I get the same problem, though how I fixed it was more trivial than installing drivers for it. What I did was disable the integrated sound chipset on my motherboard (most motherboards have video and audio support without the need of a video card or soundcard) -- couldn't have two sound devices coexisting together. From there, SPDIF output was the same as output from a speaker.
  12. Haha, what an amazing coincidence .. or is it. :-) Seemingly though, I had a emptied out "book" like the one in the Matrix, for storage use. hehe ..
  13. Sylvester Stallone in "The Specialist", where he used some sort of MD "PDA" to access a BBS or, listen to recorded conversations. I'll post the shot when the opportunity comes. :-)
  14. Yeah, well I'm not one who enjoys having more than two of the same MD style.. which is why I'm off loading some of my own.
  15. I ordered Yuriy's last pack of AIWA MDs he miraculously yanked off ebay in bulk. Looks real ol' school .. I'm not sure if I remember correctly but there was some guy who did some regular/Hi-MD surgery, replacing the Hi-MD platter with existing rare MD styles. Figured that Hi-MD styles were boring anyways so why not try.
  16. Krazyivan took all the Maxell Twinkles, and someone has taken my remaining Denon Lapisia, TDK Bitclub "Mona Lisa", and a Panasonic Mix. List has been updated.
  17. Hmmm.. noone likes trading blanks? http://wm.myjp.net/md-trade
  18. Selected tracks of the entire discography of Curve. Really interesting band .. I dig female vocals with industrial-styled metal, like Kidneythieves or t.A.t.u. All this on a regular 80 min MD at LP2, non Hi-MD. Mmmmm ..
  19. I've got a TDK barcode. Also, look on http://wm.myjp.net/md-trade for other things to buy/trade.
  20. I'm trading/selling blanks I obtained on a recent trip to Taiwan. You can see the full list here: * TDK Bitclub "Arrows" 80 Min (2003): individually sealed; total 4 MDs. * TDK Bitclub "Bitfire" 74 Min (2000): individually sealed; total 1 MD. * TDK Bitclub "Barcode" 80 Min (2002): individually sealed; total 2 MD. * TDK Bitclub "Mona Lisa" 80 Min (2003): individually sealed; total 1 MD. * TDK Bitclub "Bitgirl" 74 Min (2000): individually sealed; total 1 MD. * TDK Bitclub "Balloons" 74 Min (2000): individually sealed; total 1 MD. TDK Music Jack 74 Min (2001): individually sealed green-beige; total 2 MDs. TDK Fine 80 Min (2003): individually sealed green-pink-pink-blue-black-black; total 6 MDs. * TDK Fine 74 Min (2001): not individually wrapped because it came in a 5-pack; pink-pink-blue; total 3 MDs. TDK MD-SG 74 Min (unknown date); individually sealed; total 2 MDs. TDK HO 80 Min (2003); individually sealed pink; total 1 MD. Sony Bianca 80 Min (2004); individually sealed pink-black; total 2 MDs. Denon Lapisia 74 Min (2002): individually sealed green-yellow-purple; total 3 MDs. Maxell Twinkle 80 Min (2004): one 5-pack sealed, and individually sealed blue-yellow-orange-pink; total 9 MDs. Panasonic MIX (unknown date); individually sealed yellow; total 1 MD. $2.00 USD each and +$0.50 for marked rares. Please email me at levanel@gmail.com if you're interested. I'm also willing to trade for other blanks if buying isn't your thing. Currently, I'm looking for more TDK's, especially the bitclub "power station", "little man", and "posche" styles.
  21. Please look at the classifieds thread: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=14698
  22. Just think of Hi-MD as another MO device. A few years back, MO were extremely reliable and mostly used in the research/academic community.
  23. Blanks! I've got some HO's that are unused, three shrinkwrapped Denon Lapisia (2002), and a shrinkwrapped TDK Bitfire. I'm looking for more bitclub's or any others "rare" ones that exist. Just looking at Oliver Richter's MD collection gallery makes me tickle to the scores of MDs with "style" out there. (Mmmmmm)
  24. Levanel

    Hi-MD data?

    Quick question: is the data functionality of Hi-MD restricted to only Hi-MD media? Or can regular minidiscs be used to store files, via USB? And does USB conform to the hispeed 2.0 specification?
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