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  1. Someone must've handled bacon without washing their hands with soap and water...
  2. RS/BT? You mean rapidshare/bittorrent? I'm looking for legitimate recordings! Not something you can easily download and slap them onto an MD
  3. Not exactly. The ac adapter can hook into the external battery case connected to the unit through docking port. Just make sure you don't have a "battery" in there while recharging the N10's internal one..
  4. Levanel

    blue ray md...

    Or they can open source it. Then everyone will use it regardless of any licensing or royalties..
  5. Hehe, notice the Sony blanks on the very bottom. Must be the most boring of the collection.. That BitClub one.. a different set of barcodes I've never seen before. Hmmm..
  6. Levanel

    blue ray md...

    Considering how flash drives are now HUGE (biggest I've seen was a 32GB usbkey), I kinda' wish this fails. And besides the coolness factor, have you all thought about the main drawback to MD? eg: Moving Parts?
  7. Wow.. just WOW. Look at all those blanks in shrinkwraps..
  8. I need a battery case for the EH70 too..
  9. Kinda' getting sidetracked here... Anyone up for trade?
  10. Levanel

    blue ray md...

    Only 2 gigs? Bah.. A mini-DVDR or DVDRAM used by some camcorders are about 1.3 gigs in capacity. This won't take off and I wouldn't be surprised if it did.. and failed eventually, like the rest of the MD-like devices out there. (eg: Iomega Clik!, DataPlay, etc). Here's another link on the same tech.. http://www.techchee.com/2008/02/13/spice-m...-optical-discs/ http://gizmodo.com/5146023/vmedia-like-min...feces-but-worse
  11. The only one I have.. I think I sold a few years back.
  12. Just a portion of what I currently own..
  13. Unfortunately for me, I'm afraid of carrying an RH1 around.. it feels very fragile. I would bring my EH70 with me everywhere though.. and pack a few HiMD discs along with me. But tbh, it's a tradeoff for me. Functionality vs. Quality. Maybe when I'm out of college will I learn to appreciate the quality more.
  14. So far, three people wanting to sell their RH1's (including me).. what is "our" world coming to?
  15. I can't disagree on Sony's exceptional dedication to sound quality but their practices in competing with other midrange to cheaper devices is pathetic in this time of technological convergence. For the same price, I can get Apple's iPhone 3G plus pretty much everything else the X series walkman is offering (besides the sound quality). I'm not promoting the iPhone however but let's take the pointers listed on that link and compare them: 1. Picture quality - iPhone 3G may not have an OLED but it's got a bigger screen compared to other PMP-like devices in the market. 2. Touchscreen - iPhone got there first and revolutionized it, but now everyone's doing it. Kinda' late Sony? 3. Access podcast - I'm wondering whether there's 3rd party software/plugin involved and whether it'll evolve with the times.. 4. Free personalized radio - Only 3 stations? I can listen to Pandora on my phone with many more stations (for free too). 5. Noise-cancellation - Well now there's something noone's been able to do but Sony. But my gripe is proprietary head/earphones. Unless you want to be hit by a bus, this isn't really needed unless on an airplane.. 6. Battery life - We'll see... the iPhone's battery life SUCKS (I have to charge it at least once a day now). ..and it's a phone. I don't have to worry about carrying separate things.
  16. Argghh, getting those buttons back is a pain..
  17. Maybe Sony or any other MD manufacturer should take into account the durability and lifespan of units more than the media themselves..
  18. I've got a RM-MC38EL that suddenly doesn't work properly.. audio comes out from one earbud/headphone but not the other. I was wondering if there's a solution to this.. there's only one screw on the remote.
  19. Liz Story has some other faint instruments in the background, in her music. I'm looking for straight piano.. nothing mixed into the background (alot of New Age does that).
  20. Looking for some more solo piano artists. Best I've heard so far is Joseph Akins but at the moment, I've got most of David Nevue's works, one album of Karen Marie Garrett, and some of Philip Glass. Looking for other artists in this specific genre.. --- SP recordings only.. on MD's that aren't "generic" eg: Coulers, WAs, BitClubs, etc. Can also do Linear PCM if you're hardcore
  21. Levanel

    Recording quality.

    Whoa, you can turn off the backlight display on the remote?
  22. I say leave it as it is, for nostalgic purposes.
  23. Isn't it strictly a HiMD device? No functionality other than acting as a data drive?
  24. Meh, dull style.. though I do have a minimum taste for old-school MDs..
  25. If there are people who want it. I'm in the same boat as you now.. an unused RH1 packed neatly in a storage box..
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