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  1. Yeah, I just discovered last night that the EH70 won't play MP3s.
  2. Now offering 47 discs total, in 4x plastic storage cases. About half of them are shrinkwrapped while others aren't but are unused. And I've got a few more that are just plain used. Also throwing in a huge wad of unused labels.. 3x TDK MD-XG 74min 2x BASF Colour Maxima (green, yellow) 2x TDK 74min Color Collection (blue, green) 1x Sony 80min Color Collection (green) 1x Daiso Clip Mix 80min (white) 1x Sony Hi-MD Blue 4x Maxell Couler [ku:le] 80min (blue, green, pink, orange) 1x Maxell Burari 80min (blue) 1x TDK CLEF 80min 4x Maxell 'GS' 74min 3x TDK BIT Club 80min (barcode - 2002) *4x Victor 'ar' 80min (blue, purple, green, pink) *4x Victor 'AR' 74min (red, orange, green, clear) *2x TDK BIT Club 80min (barcode - 2002) *4x Maxell Couler 74min (green, lime, pink, red) *1x TDK 'm.' 80min (white) *1x Daiso 74min Window (red) *1x TDK [WA] 80min (pink butterfly) **3x Memorex 80min **1x Sony Color Collection 80min (orange) **2x BIT Club 80min (barcode - 2002) **1x Maxell 'GS' 74min * not shrinkwrapped because it came from a pack; unused ** used, without individual cases All of this, including the advertised RH1 and accessories for 300USD.
  3. I have one TDK WA available and a different kind of BIT Club, but they're part of the RH1/M200 package I'm hoping to sell off..
  4. Those TDK Traffic Lights are rare.. I've got a couple myself. And the 'cat' one isn't really a cat. It's just a TDK Fine with a grey rough texture.. the same with the Zebra. It's meant to be written on.. http://picasaweb.google.com/minidisc.chann...517045000570162
  5. Levanel

    Hi-MD data..

    MO drives are still being used in some academic/research circles.. said to be a very reliable medium. Thing is, once I sell my RH1 (if it ever gets sold), I will have a few MDs that I won't be able to read anymore. Unless I want to store some ultra-secret stash of what-nots and practice security over obscurity.. seeing how MD isn't a very popular format to begin with, according to the "iPod" generation.. Or maybe make the MD a "time capsule" medium or something.
  6. Levanel

    Hi-MD data..

    Just curious.. has anyone used HiMD for data purposes?
  7. Sorry for lack of update. Still available. 36 blank minidiscs, some are shrinkwrapped. May add more as I consolidate my music collection.. Same asking price.
  8. <----- NOOB!!! Sorry about that. lol
  9. Kinda'.. I was able but they were extremely limited. The number of threads that appear in each category in the forum contradict when entering them. For example, looking at the "Audio Related Classifieds and Deals" in the forum index, the thread count is 2509. Going in, I only see six topics, all sticky. Nothing else. --- Ok, here's another example of what I see: I don't want to sound too critical of it but that's what I usually see.. nothing else.
  10. What about viewing threads? It's really hard to miss a category with a few thousand threads in it only to enter it to find just a few.. Unless that's a membership quirk.. Well thanks anyway for opening up access. Hmm.. what to post.
  11. What's the story with T-Station? Been trying to get post access but it gives that annoying permissions message. Likely they're accepting new members but restricting them to readonly status.
  12. Will now accept Paypal and ship overseas. Please PM me if you're interested.
  13. Last I remember, I bought it first hand for 399 USD itself. I think there's still a year left in the 3-year warranty I purchased with it. Haven't activated it so I'm not sure whether it's still valid. I'm only willing to ship it if all the fees associated with it are paid in full in advance. This time I probably won't send via USPS as I've did with previous packages.. I'm thinking maybe via Fedex or UPS. Just to be safe.
  14. Here's a partial image of what's included..
  15. Yeah, they do offer tracking services but only within the US. This is for USPS only. Not sure what's UPS' and Fedex's policy on tracking though.. Before, I was able to track stuff sent overseas. But for some reason for this last package up to Canada, they didn't. I wonder what's changed..
  16. I've decided to sell it. But I won't ship it unless it is absolutely necessary. Reason being, I sent a package up to Canada a couple months ago and the recipient never recieved it (first time this has ever happened). It may still be on it's way up there but I'm not very optimistic. So probably just a local pickup. I'm located in the SF Bay Area. I'm asking for 300 USD and it'll include everything that came with RH1/M200 box as well as a spare battery, a belt/strap case and about 30 MDs. If anyone's interested, please PM me. (Paypal might be out of the question though)
  17. See the stickied minidisc sighting thread.. http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showt...50&start=50 I recall something "like" MD being used in the Transformers movie.
  18. Sony's good at prototyping lots of things, and so few of them end up as commercial product outside of Japan. Meh.
  19. Isn't that a headphone and line-out output, not dual headphones? Me thinks listening through headphones via line-out would seriously damage your ears since there is no volume control associated with it.
  20. You obviously didn't read wizard_of_oz's reply. It's not that noone here wants to buy minidiscs. or that the format is dead but because you're selling generic Sony MDs. In other words, they're not "hip".
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