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  1. Totally agree. Need to have that feeling that music you own is on physical media that can be archived and listened to later. This iPod generation was totally an eye-opener and gave people the excuse to ditch buying overpriced music CDs over digital downloads for convenience. I like to think that the MD has a tangible archivable value attached to it, unlike flash/HDD-based players. In fact, the latter does have a lower life expectancy than the former. Why do you think magneto-optical disks are still being used in the academic field?
  2. It's actually a DAISO DIY rack..
  3. Here's a rather crappy pic of a portion of my collection. Maybe when I find the time, I'll lay them all out to see how many designs I've acquired so far.. Anyone else want to share?
  4. I'm considering selling my RH1.. lightly used. I'm still working up the nerve but you'll most likely gain some rather rare shrinkwrapped MDs, an extra battery and pretty much all the accessories that came with the box. How much do people gauge their worth nowadays? (FYI: I'm not totally ditching MD as I still have an EH70 and N10 to play around with, along with a somewhat vast collection of music). Maybe there'll be a time in the future when an RH1 (or the latest) will come in handy..
  5. I'm interested in an EH1.. but considering it's only a player I wouldn't be interested if it was priced the same (or higher) than an RH1 would.
  6. Try amplifying or normalizing the converted tracks, just to be sure? Audacity (free) should be able make the quick fix..
  7. Levanel

    Correct Me

    You might run into problems if the receiving end gets blocked by a copyright flag via toslink. For example, recording via toslink from a slim PS2 to RH1 rears that ugly restriction (though on my R70, this doesn't apply..)
  8. I kinda' agree with bobt. Unless you don't listen to the radio, watch television, talk on a cellphone (or wireless phone), or use a computer, then you're kinda' safe. But you might as well be living in the middle of nowhere.. Everything electronic usually give off RF interference, no matter how small.
  9. Someone please close this thread..
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/Biosciencegeek-Headpho...1QQcmdZViewItem I'm thinking of getting a headphone amp; I've read some pretty good reviews from this seller but the price tag could use some improvement. Other than that, maybe I can just build one myself with the necessary parts..
  11. I think it'll be hard to implement though.. Say you have an regular audio CD.. now what happens when you scratched it to make it unplayable? Similar concept: there will be a physical gap between the said 8cm mini-CD and the adapter itself. Besides, what's the point of having an 8cm audio CD when it holds about 21 minutes of audio compared to a regular 80min?
  12. Bought an XBOX 360 Wireless Controller with a PC wireless reciever.. now I can play games the way it was meant to be played on my desktop.
  13. A VINTAGE MD DATA DRIVE! http://cgi.ebay.com/Sony-MD-H10-Minidisc-P...1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/Job-Lot-7-Sony-Mini-Di...1QQcmdZViewItem Some dude selling 5x Sony MZ-RH910 MiniDisc players (standard LCD display) and 2x Sony MZ-RH10 MiniDisc players (blue LCD display) in the UK. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A:IT&ih=012 And I cannot believe I let this one get away.. (MD2000 brand spanking new in shrinkwrap)
  15. Sorry, the whole lot please. Anyone else?
  16. If you're in the states, then yes there may be customs issues as with all international shipments.
  17. Covering the whole device would be nice, if only the MD unit didn't have a pop-out lid for accepting minidiscs. What they should do is custom make rugged materials to fit the units, rather than putting them in carry-on cases. That is, if you're paranoid about your greasy fingers handling them..
  18. You could try a bryco case... http://minidiscaccess.com/ca212.html
  19. I guess my asking price is too steep.. how 'bout free shipping overseas?
  20. Depends if you just want bland MDs that gets the job done right or prefer to be in designer's paradise. Just take a look at this MD gallery and you'll see what I mean! http://picasaweb.google.com/minidisc.channel
  21. They're still available.. but I'm selling all of them in bulk.
  22. Laughable. Still waiting on holographic storage though.. but lately it just seemed like vaporware.
  23. No, there isn't anything taking up that much CPU processes. Not even SS. Hmmm...
  24. Okay, this is too wierd.. transfer of Hi-SP and Hi-LP tracks take forever now, not just regular SP itself. Didn't use to be like this.. My NETMD052.SYS file version is before and after I applied this method (for the 3rd time, and rebooted the machine). It's connected via USB 2.0/dedicated port as usual. Though I did notice the windows tray balloon pop up with these messages: (connected w/o SS 4.3) - "NetMD/Hi-MD" and "Hi-MD" (connected w/ SS 4.3) - "Sony Hi-MD device" and "Disk drive" and a reboot message.. ------- update: Meh, now I can't import CDs at all. "Unable to transfer the track or tracks." message..
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