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  1. Drag & drop would be nice, but I don't think it will happen. At least improve SonicStage reliability so that it doesn't trash your media (no reasons to have it write enabled during upload). Lossless recording would be nice too, however 352k could be easier to have (it's already there via SonicStage). I like the flat gumstick, but the external side-car should come back !
  2. You should now edit the converted WAV file. Audacity (which is free) and CDWave (Shareware) can help you for this.
  3. It could be the case. The internal battery is Li-Ion , and Li-Ion ages even if you don't use it. So it will no longer hold a proper charge after some period of time. The only thing to prevent this is to store the battery in a cold place (not freezing), which slown down the aging process (which is not very practical with an internal battery, I must admit ...).
  4. Exactly, as the software is not realised, there is no review. But I have some doubts that it will have all the functionalities of SonicStage on PC.
  5. Plus the RH1 keeps manual settings and can upload legacy recordings, which are new features for HiMDs (legacy recording was there in the 1st gen., but not uploading).
  6. Only the MZ-M10,MZ-M100,MZ-M200 and MZ-RH1 have some compatibility with the Mac(limited to PCM uploading for the first 2, software for the others not yet realised). HMA files are encrypted (DRM), there is not much you can do with them.
  7. If you are on a tight budget, you might also look at the Sharp units, which have easier to use manual levels recording. A unit that accept AAs (either internally or in the external case) is probably preferable, so you can buy them almost anywhere.
  8. There are only updates for serious bugs and the unit has to be sent to Sony Support. It has been the case for wrong caracters display with the RH10, if I remember well ... So there are no easy firmware upgrade practically.
  9. If you have transferred the tracks, you can no longer edit them. At least this was the case with older versions of SonicStage, I haven't tried with the latest versions (Upgrade if you haven't done it already). Workaround: Do all your editing on the PC, and transfer the modified / splitted tracks.
  10. Roamer


    Manual is available in the equipment browser section from the main page. If you connect it to USB, you're supposed to do transfer via SonicStage.
  11. No, the disc had to be write-enabled with previous versions, because the number of uploads was limited. But now that the restriction has gone, it doesn't make sense to keep it write-enabled, and it just put the recording at risk. And as far as I known , the Mac utilities allow you to upload with the media write-protected, so it is just a matter of fixing this bug. Regarding 356kpbs, an improvement that should be done with no firmware upgrade, would be to store Atrac 356kpbs in the library, or even better IMO allow this bitrate in SimpleBurner (or whatever replaces it). Maybe next time ...
  12. Could you upload a sample with the HiMD write-protected or are we still forced to have it write-enabled ?
  13. NW-HD1 is hard drive based, not MD. You should consider posting at the other forum : AtracLife
  14. No, 1st gen. units can not charge through USB. You should get a AAs charger.
  15. SonicStage 3.4 is much more reliable, but there is still a very small chance that your media get corrupted during transfer. I had the case once, I believe that was due to an error on the media that made SonicStage to freeze, but this corrupted the disc in the process. SonicStage still wants the media to be write enabled and is doing some dummy check-in/check-out (which it should not do).
  16. The RH1 can be used as a player, just that it is not the best for navigating. I always have less than 20 tracks on any HiMD/MD (unless I do a mistake when setting recording levels) and I could perfectly live without a jog dial.
  17. The mic-in from the laptop is likely to give you poor result. But you could get an USB sound card with line-in (and eventually optical).
  18. I was travelling during Easter to Norway with two MDs, mics, pre-ampli, batteries, wires without a problem.
  19. If you look at the french page, there is a comparison between the 719 and 717. The translation in English is missing, but it appears that the former 717 has better self-noise and dynamic range. You can get the sample sample here : http://infos.0db.net/micros/compare/sounds/719_717.mp3 If you get the DS70P, I would recommend using some cord, as you could get motor noise from the MD otherwise. Or contact greenmachine for his mics.
  20. It should just be the TOC, unless something else did happen. You could use the write protecting lever on the media.
  21. I have seen both RH10 and RH910 yesterday in a large electronic store in Paris. But ultimately new units replace old ones, as always...
  22. The optical-in should also be a line-in, but as raintheory wrote, you would need some sort of preamp (with analog or optical output), unless you record very loud events.
  23. http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=7070
  24. Thanks for the tips ! I also had an issue with CDDB and Simple Burner (SonicStage is working fine). I did uninstall WinAmp (I'm using Foobar2000 anyway), uninstall and reinstall SimpleBurner and Gracenote's CDDB is finally back !
  25. It is very likely a harware reason (or actually a firmware reason) and very likely that no previous units (prior to the RH1) will allow legacy transfer.
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