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  1. Well Jason Stamper(?) You have a sad obsession with electric nail files and foot spas and things that the rest of the world easily ignores and clearly you have never even owned a miNi......diSk......... I just wish you a facial tan to die for......

    For the people who really know, ....MD will still be in use long long after your virgin career is forgotten.....

  2. Thanks

    On further investigation this dose appear to be a problem from not importing from a proper backup also incompatibility with older versions od SS (which I had).

    Sadly Sony it it's shortsightedness has not allowed for someone like me which suffers a simple hard drive failure.

    Just hope I can find the original discs!

  3. Hi Sorry if this is not in the right place for this question but I was under the impression Sonicstage 4.3 had been decluttered of licence problems DRM etc.

    I play in a band which do original material which have in the past recorded on to my RH1 and imported in to SS with no problems. My hard drive died so rebuilt everthing and redownloaded SS

    I then copied the original files form a back up to the new SS directory. Now they will not play at all as it cannot obtain the license info for the files. This is rubbish as it is my music!

    Dose any one know how I can get round this stupid error?

    Sorry if this has been covered else where But any help would sure be appreciated!

    Happy new year by the way!

  4. Thank you for the great review!!! I have something to look forward to this summer. Great work!!!

    Yep I too can not wait to get one... I have already ordered a 3line remote in anticipation.

    One small question Sorry if this has already been addressd, but is post recording TM insert and divide options

    available as in RH10?

    Either way I'm still definately getting one... or two

  5. I thought ATRAC3plus was the best encoder Sony had to offer but I've heard of ATRAC 4.5 used in other models (non Hi-MD). What is the difference and shouldn't it be available for Hi-MD?

    A very good question and a good answer form MDX-400. I have wondered myself about this. ATRAC 4.5 DSP to me always produced stunning results. So what is the difference in sound quality between this and ATRAC3plus??

    I just wish Sony would bring out that HI-MD deck (JA777ES maybe)!!

  6. well, i guess it is what it is. maybe sony psp's umd movie portion failing is just part of the cycle of things... if psp's gaming & wireless internet features takes a respectable ( and profitable) share of the portable handheld market, i guess it will still offset the former's failure to gain a foothold on the market.

    since this probably will not kill sony, i hope they think very carefully about introducing any new proprietary media formats in future.

    It is a no brainer really, no user flexibilty and way way way too expensive. They actually make DVD's look good value!

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