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  1. When sending (Hi-)MD units back to Sony for repair, they need to verify your date of purchase. Register receipts are preferred, but website printouts are accepted as well. -Yes it must be physically sent to them for review. Then decide on repair v. replacement.
  2. That is an astounding price! btw, EUR1.00 = USD1.2197
  3. [ 61°F ] Partly Cloudy / Intermittent Showers
  4. Geddy Lee ("lips"), Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson
  5. Microsoft 3D Pinball - Theme Music [ F3 ]
  6. My apartment in Los Angeles (c.2003) Can you spot the MXD & DCC900 ..Living room
  7. Prefuse 73 - Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives [ 2xLP ]
  8. eh, that's only a distraction from the 10P's screen!!
  9. That must have been years ago! .. Best Buy discontinued MD hardware a while back, I actually bought my MXD from them. Fry's Electronics as well, of course this may be region (California) specific; but doubtful.
  10. Checking the Supplied Accessories pg.10 (US Model) AC power adaptorRemote control (RM-MC60)USB cradleEarphonesDedicated USB cableLIP-4WM Lithium-ion rechargeable batteryRechargeable battery caseCarrying pouchFerite coreCD-ROMOperating Instructions Only one is supplied, approx. 130cm ~
  11. Standard (60, 74, 80) can be used for Playback only:
  12. The top-secret cradle method or slide-show are the only ways to keep it on. ... . there must be a way to hack it.
  13. That's insane?! Price check with SS Rep. 06.JAN.29
  14. Oh, right -- sorry for the omission :: It's a Sony Style store
  15. Here you go. -- The Galleria 5015 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77056 713-439-7086
  16. I've got another 'misleading' description here -- found whilst searching "Hi-MD" Hi Md for only 32.95 BiN !!! -> 5370248082
  17. Very true, no Hi-MD unit does. @ jahlove, try the Live Recording Knowledge Center here on MDCF
  18. Ayumi Hamasaki - Cyber Trance presents Ayu Trance [ 192kbps ]
  19. Which it method did you try? --
  20. Attach or start a Gallery album, and link to the IMG source. btw, I used to drive a 20th Anniv. Edition Mk.IV Very nice indeed.
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