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  1. Twice is better than nothing... but as far as I know USB 2 (high speed) is forty times faster than USB 1 (full speed). Hello, Mr Sony, you should redo your job <_<

    Good enough for me... I can't wait... <_<

  2. you poor poor nano lover :lol: lol

    I just bought my Nano a silicone cover and screen protector to protect from scratch but you know what I'm still using most of the time my 3 MDs, RH910 for recording, NHF800 in my car, and R700 in my bed. Don't ask me why. ;)

  3. I've tested this with my MZ-R700, MZ-R909 and MZ-NH700. R700 and R909 with their sound 1/2 settings boost all frequencies below 100 Hz, whereas the NH700's 100Hz control just boosts exactly 100 Hz, nothing above, nothing below. This is the reason why i consider it quite useless for bass boosting purposes. Sony should re-think this. The sound 1/2 or megabass sounded quite good to me.

    Left to right: R700, R909, NH700


    Thank you GM, now I know why my R700 is sounds better to me compare to my 2 new models with EQ. R700 sounds simple, warm and clear.

  4. Are you a bass guitar player? just curious :(

    100Hz (the lowest EQ band) is quite useless for adjusting bass anyway, something in the 40-60Hz region would have fit the bill much better in my opinion. 100Hz just bloats the sound without adding real bass.

    GM, do you have any idea what low frequency used in early models with megabass (bass 1, bass 2)? It sounds like lower than 100Hz.

  5. Well I have tinnitus in one ear although it's not too bad. That ear has a notch at around 12 kHz (classic tinnitus symptom). I have no idea what caused it as I've never been subjected to persistent high levels of noise.

    As for the difference between AM and FM, last time I checked I could certainly hear that so I don't think my hearing's that bad! Mmm, maybe I should get someone else to listen to my MD.

    check if the FM is set to mono :D

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