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  1. - Tactile interface (no scroll wheel) - No scratchable plastic surface (all metal design) - Small size - Non-color LCD (unless it's OLED) - 30+ hrs battery life - Wired LCD Remote - Improved sound quality - ATRAC support So basically, it is impossible for me to switch and will never happen!
  2. RobA

    I just purchased a NW-E002

    Recieved it today and it is very nice. Loaded 279 of my favorite tunes on it. Sound is clear and crisp, very light, nice to have a small "grab n go" player.
  3. RobA

    Do I have to Initialize?

    Download the Asia-Pacific version of SS 4.3. You will not have any initialization messages then, it can be found in the software forum here.
  4. RobA

    I just purchased a NW-E002

    Got the blue one, looks pretty cool, can't wait till it arrives. And I have no problem with SS either, hey it does its job. It transfers music to my DAP.
  5. A brand new NW-E002 off ebay for $39.95. Used part of the money that I got from selling my MZ-NH600D. Looks like a very nice, small, simple flash player. I should get around 250 of my favorite tunes in HiLP and it seems perfect for portable use when on the go.
  6. I'd take that, sounds like a re-released HD1. Take the HD1's sound, build quality, and battery life and update with all the recent sony walkman advancements and you've got a winner.
  7. The new player doesn't need all that extra fancy crap like video playback, bluetooth, wifi, etc. It just has to have all the new features of recent network walkman and the same great sound quality, build quality, and battery life.
  8. RobA

    NWD-B100 announced

    S700 series being discontinued so soon? Damn this is unexpected.
  9. Sony does need an update to stay in the market, but not too many changes are needed just a few. 1. Keep the HD1 design, it's perfect 2. Add all new features of recent walkman (like clear base, clear stereo, noise cancelation, new searches, etc.) 3. OLED display (not definitely necessary though, and only color if it's OLED, not color LCDs they are a waste and just suck battery life, I don't need a color screen) 4. Keep the battery life high at 30-40 hrs like we expect 5. Charging cradle 6. Removable battery All that plus what all the NW-HDx units already had, and we have a winner!
  10. RobA

    NWD-B100 announced

    Your missing the point. 12 hrs sucks and this player sucks without ATRAC support. I buy sony players mostly because of the long battery life and ATRAC support. ATRAC sounds better and is much less energy demanding, why sony would strip it from this player is beyond me. Boneheaded move.
  11. RobA

    NWD-B100 announced

    Looks horrible, 12 hrs of battery and no ATRAC support, terrible!
  12. RobA

    Sony NW HD1 !HELP!

    Can I buy a period, maybe even a comma? You really got to work on your basic grammar and punctuation dude, I had alot of trouble reading that post. But anyway the reason the unit is so cheap is probably because it was damaged, so it looks like you will have to seek out another unit.
  13. RobA

    NW-S706 4gb...139?

    I've seen the 4GB version go for as low as $100 US sometimes. It is not a scam, the value of them has just gone down ever since the 2gb version was going for around $70 for a long time because of woot.com selling a ton of them away for $50.
  14. It was used, but the all the extra stuff they threw in probably made $172 a good deal.
  15. RobA

    RM-MC38EL with NW-HD1?

    Just tested the RM-MC38EL and I can confirm that is does NOT work with the NW-HD1. The LCD screen does not appear at all. The only thing that works is volume, changingp play mode, etc. So pretty much it functions the same as any non-lcd remote would. However, my friend doesn't use the clip on his 38el, so I removed it and super glued it to my rm-mc40elk and now it appears to be working great again.
  16. RobA

    NW-HD1 HELP.....

    HD5s are very hard to find now. I searched for one frantically after my HD5 was stolen, but it was to no avail. The only place that has them is here: http://omega-electronics.stores.yahoo.net/sonwnewa20gb.html $229 for a refurb. It sounds like your HD1 is pretty dated, and after 3 yrs, maybe it would be a better idea just to replace it. I was able to get a brand new HD1 off ebay last month for about $190. Look around, they are there.
  17. Yeah, I saw that when looking for a new HD5 and decided to pass on it, as the price was too high and ending up getting a new HD1 on ebay for like $190.
  18. If you are willing to spend $229 for one, here you go: http://omega-electronics.stores.yahoo.net/sonwnewa20gb.html
  19. RobA

    RM-MC38EL with NW-HD1?

    I saw that, but it doesn't say specifically that the HD1 will work, it just says "should work with supported Network WALKMAN." But doesn't specificy what the supported network walkman are. Unlike the 35elk and 40elk, which list all supported walkman.
  20. I know how you feel man. My HD5 was also stolen not too long ago. I was crushed, and searched frantically for a new one. I purchased a new one for $190 from amazon, but it was lost by fedex. Then HD5's were no where to be found, so I settled for a new HD1 and I must say I'm very satisfied with it. You may want to look into the older model. Good luck!
  21. Unless there is something better 2 yrs or so down the line, I will stick with the NW-HD series. I'm hoping sony has a new, improved HDD Walkman by then.
  22. The HD5 is one of a kind and very hard to find now unfortunately. After mine was stolen, I searched frantically but could not find a replacement. However, you can easily find HD1's right now, and it really is a great unit. Not to different from the HD5, but it comes with a USB Cradle and is made of brushed magnesium instead of aluminum. I own one now and it is great, the looks of it really blow away the HD5, and the only thing I really miss now after having used it for awhile is the initials search feature. It's in my opinion more well built, and just as small and compact as the HD5.
  23. RobA

    RM-MC38EL with NW-HD1?

    No thanks as I already have been made an offer from an friend in town that has a 38el, I will probably test his out before I buy though.
  24. RobA

    Sony's New HDD Walkman

    It's odd sony would wait this long. I am also a little upset to see Sony USA not releasing the new A800 series yet. I'm perfectly happy with my HD1 and won't be upgrading it for atleast 2 yrs. But I would still like to see sony release a new HDD Walkman. If sony would re-release the HD1 with all the new features and codec support they have now, they would have a true winner again.
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