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  1. Still for sale folks!
  2. RobA

    RM-MC38EL with NW-HD1?

    Is this model remote compatible with the NW-HD1? Unforunately the clip on my 40ELK snapped so it is mostly useless to me now. And I don't really have the money for a new one, and can find this model (38EL) for around $15 shipped.
  3. I like to keep my HD1 plugged into my speaker system with line out on. Since this takes up more power, is it safe to plug the HD1 in using the charging cradle even though it's close to a full charge? Will leaving it charging even when it's full harm it in anyway?
  4. But those are not network walkman, so therefore do not count towards what we are discussing here. Plus at the time I'm sure those were pretty cool looking.
  5. Yes still for sale!
  6. RobA

    NW-HD3 Battery

    I think it uses the same battery as the HD1, meaning you could get a battery like this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Replacement-for-Sony-N...VQQcmdZViewItem But I'm not positive.
  7. Just go into the HD5 via Windows Explorer and simply copy all your .OMA files to your PC.
  8. Sony MDR-W08(L) is fantastic for the price! You would be surprised what headphones of this price (about $11) sound like. http://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDR-W08L-Vertic...5744&sr=8-1 Also they are really the only pair of headphones that I find comfortable and convienant. I hate earbuds as they are always falling out and they hurt, and can't stand headphones that cover your ear in any way as they make my ears over-heat. But these are over your head so they won't fall out, don't heat up your ears, and don't hurt at all. And they are also super-light!
  9. BUMP $55 shipped or Best Offer! PM me!
  10. Why are you bothering with AAC? You have a sony walkman that is ATRAC compatible, so why not use it?
  11. So I bought these speakers today from JandR.com to replace my Sony SRS-M30 speakers for $30 (I was gonna buy them from woot for $25 yesterday but they sold out). But anyway, has anyone here have any experience with them? My SRS-M30's were okay at best, never really liked them using line out from my HD1. The sound became very distorted at high volumes, and was overall pretty tinny. I'm hoping for more out of this Saitek system. Any opinions on them? They retail for $100 and reviews of them look pretty good.
  12. That's a shame, no longer interested in the S700 series then. I decided to spend some money on a new speaker system instead.
  13. To compliment the best looking thread, time for a worst looking NW thread. My vote goes to... The Walkman Bean aka NW-E300 series
  14. No poll as there are too many options to list. My vote goes to... The NW-HD1! Small, light, brushed magnesium alloy, and reversable green blacklighting. Just so cool.
  15. I want to avoid ebay at all costs, so I'm open to any offers, PM me!
  16. I'm thinking of buying a S703 if I can ever get my MZ-NH600D sold ($60 shipped!). But anyway, I really think it is a stunning unit, and I absolutely love what I hear about the bundled headphones, and I would like to use them with my hd1 as well if I get the s703. But I hear that the jack on the headphones is different and cannot be used with other players. Is this true? And if so is there are workaround so that they can be used with other DAPs?
  17. Anyone? I need to sell this ASAP! $65 shipped or best offer, PM me!
  18. Nice review and beautiful pictorial stuge. I want one now! I think after I sell my mz-nh600d, I may pick one up. I could easily fit 500 of my favorite tracks on this in HiLP.
  19. -SOLD- I'm selling my reliable MZ-NH600D. I just never find myself using MD enough these days. I can get by on my half-living RH10 (which might just need a new battery). But anyway the 600D is in very good shape and working 100% with no problems what so ever. The cosmetic condition is very good with no noticable scratches. There is one very small black line on the front case, looks like a small spot of pen ink or something. It makes a great backup unit and great for dedicated downloads to your computer. I'm not including headphones because I know all of you already have great ones. Also no USB cable is included, but it uses a standard mini USB 2.0 cable so that shouldn't be a problem. I'll also include a NEW in case and never used Hi-MD 1GB MiniDisc. I'm asking for only $65 shipped. Drop me a PM if you are interested, USA only please. And here is a quick blurry pic I took. reduction - now $55 shipped or Best Offer
  20. One final BUMP to see if anyone has a clue on a solution to this.
  21. RobA

    nwa 3000 dock

    Just get some nice speakers, no need to have one that uses a dock.
  22. RobA

    Best HDD Walkman ever made

    In case anyone is interested, here is a little comparison I made on HD1 vs HD5. Pros of HD1 over HD5 - magnesium body instead of aluminum - brushed metal - lighter (3.9oz vs 4.8oz) - made in japan (instead of mayalsia) - cradle Pros of HD5 over HD1 - improved battery life (40hrs vs 30 hrs) - removable battery - initials search It's basically HD1 form factor vs. HD5 functionality. And I love my HD1, and have no regrets on getting it, especially because HD5s can be had nowhere, even now. I really like having the higher quality unit made in japan, sony hardly ever makes their products there anymore.
  23. RobA

    Best HDD Walkman ever made

    Test around with different headphones and pick the ones that fit your budget and sound the best to you, it's all subjunctive. And congrats on buying the HD5!
  24. We are all kind of jumping to conclusions. Just because Connect goes doesn't mean ATRAC will be gone. Lets have hope, ATRAC will live on.
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