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  1. Hi A440 I have recently installed Sonic Stage 4.0 And I connected my MZ-RH710 to my PCs USB port but keep receiving the "Windows Hardware Wizard" As I have WinXP I should not receive this error This occurs when ever I insert any USB device, and after the WHW finishes searching my hard drive I then receive the message "Unable to install this hardware" What I find particularly weird is that when I connect my NW-A 1000 to my PC it works straight away. Many thanks for Rogmur
  2. Hello to all Forum Members I have been experiencing very frustrating problems with trying to connect my MZ-RH710 to my Desktop PC which runs Windows XP home Edition (SP2). I connect the supplied USB cable to my PC and immediately the pointless "Windows Hardware Wizard" appears asking me to select whether to install the driver for the device. My previous Hi-MD player (MZ NH700) worked perfectly with my PC (until the MZ NH700 packed up). When I try to install a driver myself using the supplied Software CD which came with my MZ NH710, I receive the following annoying error message; Cannot Install This Hardware There was a problem installing this hardware Hi-MD An error Occured During the Installing of the Device A Service Installation INF is Invalid. I have also tried to uninstall the drivers in Hardware/Device Manager to no avail. Has anyone any suggestions regarding this problem? By the way I have used the MZ NH710 succesfully with a Sony Vaio laptop. Many thanks to you all Kind regards Rogmur
  3. Thanks to you all Sadly my old MZ-NH700 has given up the ghost, so I now have a MZ-RH710. It is so wonderful to be able to listen to Hi MD again. I just hope it lasts longer and is more reliable than my defunct MZ-NH700. Kind regards Rogmur
  4. Hello Forum Members. I have recently got the MZ-RH710, (which replaced my defective MZ-NH700). However, I am unable to connect the MZ-RH710 to my PC (Windows XP SP2). When I connect it ti the USB port the dreaded Windows Hardware Wizard appears demanding a "driver". (As its Windows XP it does not need a driver). I do not believe it is a problem with the MD Player/Recorder. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I would be grateful for any advice Kind regards Rogmur
  5. Rogmur

    MZ NH-700

    Many thanks to you all for your helpful advice, (regarding a replacement for my defunct MZ NH700). I had thought about buying the NH 710, but perhaps the RH-1 would be a safer bet. Happy Christmas to all Forum members Kindest regards rogmur
  6. Rogmur

    MZ NH-700

    Greetings Forum Members I just wanted to know if any other Forum Member has experienced reliability problems with their Hi-MD Player/Recorder. Sadly, and fairly recently my MZ NH-700 packed up with out any warning. Were the first generation Hi-MD Players unreliable? What newer Hi-MD player/Recorder should I consider as a replacement?? I would be very grateful for any advice. Kind regards Rogmur
  7. Greetings to all Forum Members I have been a keen enthusiast of the Minidisc format for many years. I have owned my MZ NH700 (Hi-MD) from new it, (was 2 and a half years old). Last night I went to use my beloved MZ NH700, but after inserting a 1GB disc nothing happend. At first I thought it was the battery. But after changing the battery it still would not work. I tried in vain to get it to work, but nothing! Does anyone know if the MZ NH700 had any "first generation" faults? I will miss not being able to listen to my Hi-MD collection, and after this experience I am disappointed with Sony. Can anyone suggest another Sony Hi-MD minidisc player/recorder which is reasonably priced? Kind regards Rogmur
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