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  1. i also brought an RH1 from him, but the unit was not in mint condition despite the fact that he claim it to be mint on my pm, as there are a 6+ minor dings throughout the body. i dunno, i got the unit at a reasonable price but the seller should have told me it is not mint instead of lying to me. :closedeyes:

  2. thanks for the reply guitarfxr, but i plan to connect the deck to a home receiver so i can either listen to the md's thru the speakers or i can record md's from the digital out from my dvd player, so both decks can do those, but the problem is for the best of sound quality i can get i am not sure whether to go for the onkyo or the sony, if the pcm or hi-sp recording from the onkyo should sound better than atarc recordings from the sony for example, then i would choose the onkyo, but of course, right now i am not sure which one is better soundwise. thanks for your opinion

  3. hello, after going to ebay seeing how those high end sony md decks go for around 150-200 bucks, i wonder if i should just pay more for the onkyo himd deck for 240+shipping if i just bought a nh600d for 24 shipped. but the problem is, if i turn my blind eyes on the fact that the onkyo deck lack a headphone out and the optical out, how is its sound compared to those highend sony md decks if i just connect it to a home receiver, for example, so i suppose my question is to get the most out of a deck soundwise, which one should i choose? i listen to all kinds of music (rap, pop, soundtracks) just not like hard rock, thanks for all you guy's help

  4. I have to say I bought these hoping for great results but now, after 35 hours or so of burn-in they still sound absolutely hideous. They block out a bit of sound so might be useful for public transport but other than that I'm thoroughly disappointed with these.

    for 30 bucks you can't get a lot of good phones, i say either raise your budget or sacrifice a bit on the isolation. E2c's is on't good for isolation, it is sonically a lot worst than the e3c and can't even compare to the md33 in terms of sound.

  5. Just hoping I could get a little nudge in one direction or another?

    Any help would be grand! I understand the 900 has more features, but the rh10 looks soooo nice. :blink:

    skip both , check out the rh1, best of both worlds

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