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  1. My personal favourites are the Sony MZ-N707 and N910, which are my last two Net-MD only units, having moved into the Hi-MD world.

    Those are not "Net-MD-only" since both the N707 and N910 have mic/line/optical input. "NetMD" means that music is transferred from PC to MD via USB. The N707 and N910 are "MDLP" units, meaning they can record/playback in SP, LP2, LP4 = non-Hi-MD formats.

    goldenbreast: You should definitely have a look at the MDCF equipment browser if you haven't already.


    It's overwhelming, but there's some good information in there if you're going unit hunting on eBay.

    If you want to do real-time transfers, you'd have to look for units with line-in and/or optical-in, so definitely avoid anything with the words "downloader" (like Borat also suggested) or "player" in their descriptions. Downloaders can only transfer via USB; and players, well, they just play (lol), no recording function. For real-time transfer and non-Hi-MD (MDLP), you could go with an N510 (it's "hackable," just look up the signature of the MDCF member, "RobShaz," for some really detailed info), N505 (also hackable), or N707 (also hackable, I think) for your stated needs.

    If you and your budget will allow it, you should also check out the NH700. It's Hi-MD, but can also do what you need and it's one of the more affordable, all-around Hi-MD units.

    Good luck.

  2. I don't understand why people deal with the whole noise-cancelling rigamarole--the battery module, the buzzy noise--when IEMs block noise more naturally and more effectively. Except that IEMs are more expensive.

    My thoughts exactly. I wouldn't trade in my Shures or UEs for any Sony earbud, noise-cancelling or not. Actually, the only Sonys that I would consider now are the EX90 and the Altus. But, at their current price points, other ear/headphones have them beat (both quality- and price-wise).

    I will agree they are no Boses ($$$),

    I'll say what everyone else is thinking: ;) Bose blows. (Edit: I don't have anything against them, but this and many other forums are clearly not Bose fans.)

  3. I already own both tham AND the MDR-NC22 units, all I asked is if I had to use one, which one you would go for.

    Ah, sorry about that. When someone asks for opinions about headphones and then lists the specs, I tend to ignore anything at and beyond the specs listing.

    to keep the hearing I have left

    Do you have a middle or inner ear problem? If it's a middle ear problem (conductive hearing loss), then really, using an in-ear versus a headphone won't matter. As long as you're responsible with the volume levels for both the NC6 and NC22, I wouldn't worry about which one to go for. But, I'm sure you've heard this all before. Blah blah blah - lol. :)

    To be honest though, I'd trade in the NC6 for the D66 Eggos (one of the MDCF faves), AKG K81DJ, A-T SJ5, or V6. I haven't heard the NC22 (which may have received good reviews since they're related to the other Sony IEM NCs, I think?), but the NC6 sound pooptastic relative to other headphones I've tried or own. And, it looks like Guitarfxr and I are in agreement that maybe you should try something different from those NC6s.

    I use both IEMs and headphones, too, but if I had to choose one based on sound quality, I'd go with the NC22. They can't possibly sound any worse than the NC6. Good luck.

  4. I've got a new E40. Well, considering its true age, it's not really "new." It came in some deck/portable bundle that a friend gave to me last year. She used the deck and never touched the E40 since she had an N505 and R500. Now that the set is mine, I also use the deck and have never used the E40. It's a tank and very unappealing to use compared to my other units. The box is nice though. It's made of a very thick cardboard, not like the flimsy boxes these days. I might take some pics of the boxed set to complement your pictorial. This is the first time I've actually seen any interest in this oldie. Congrats on your find and enthusiasm!

  5. The need for sunblock prompted my trip to Wal-Mart today. I haven't been there in months and this is what I found:


    Underneath the 5+ price stickers, the original sticker on these says $79.99. Now, they're a whopping $15 even. The Wal-Mart that I went to had 4 of them right next to the HDMI cables clearanced at $2.50 and some other Wii/Xbox360 clearance stuff.

    I didn't buy any (personally, I don't like the PSYC series), but I thought I'd post this in case anyone's in the market for a back-up downloader/titler, a throw-around NetMD unit, or cheapo way to get someone introduced to the format. Check your local stores if this is the unit for you.

  6. Volta: No problem. I love to shop. ;)

    smkranz: Congrats on making your son happy, regardless if you did it with Bose or not. I'd imagine that 1 smile from your son is worth much, much more to you than the X number of approvals from any internet forum. For the holidays and other special occasions, like you, I'm also of the belief that what matters more is what someone "wants" and not what they "should" get. A few years back, I bought my brother some iBuds to replace the ones he crushed; yup, he wanted the STOCK iPod earphones. He was so happy and that was enough for me. But, this year, I got him a pair of the Shure E2G and now he's happier. :lol:

  7. Ditto here. A company was selling a lot of NH700's and NHF800's out of California for very good prices for well over a year. Some sold for as little as $75 USD. Now you're lucky to see one being sold for $125 and that same company is either running low on their stock and trying to drive the price up or they are just holding out for more money.

    I know which seller you're talking about and I believe they're holding out for more money. Back in early 2006, they had just started selling MD units - their main items were all household/bathroom items and they now have separate stores for their electronics and home stuff. Friends of mine got new NH700s for ~$85 (auction-style and after shipping) and $125 (buy-it-now with free shipping); these prices were that seller's usual listing prices at the time. That company has since jacked up their prices because they're now well-known by MD enthusiasts and they see that their auctions are successful in getting them much more money than when they first started. They also used to have the NH900 for $190 (buy-it-now with free shipping), but those have been out of stock since last summer. It seems that their MD stock came from the Australian blowout of 2005.

  8. The part number for MZ-1's AC Adaptor is # 157385612 (*please read post #16 for correct part number) and you can order it from Sony DAPC (if you are located in the States) for $11.95.

    :blink: Wow, I'm surprised anything super-old is that cheap coming from the DAPC. The replacement earpads (just the covering, not even including the memory foam underneath) of my Sony headphones are priced at almost US$50! Each!

  9. Yeah sorry, I got that confused. M200, I meant to say. Looks like I'm defaulted to an rh1?

    ;) Hehe, I figured you meant M200, but I just thought I'd clarify to be on the safe side. The model numbers can be a nightmare especially with a lot of vagueness and misinformation on some websites out there.

    You're not completely defaulted to the RH1. There are other recorders like the NH700 still available; it's nowhere near the looks and abilities of the RH1, but it does have its advantages over the RH1. I feel that every Hi-MD unit is "missing" something (that's why you'll see a lot of us owning almost 1 of everything - lol). But, basically, the RH1 is relatively the easiest unit to get now, is the newest, and has a lot more recording/playback abilities compared to the older units, which is why I'd recommend it over something like the RH10/910 or NH700; it's probably the most complete unit. I don't own an RH1 myself because it offers me no added benefit over what I currently have in my MD arsenal (see my profile); getting an RH1 would be MD overkill for me. I don't need uploading, mic recording, or mp3 playback. So you see, there are some of us who haven't defaulted to the RH1. Happy shopping and good luck!

  10. Some guy is listing Sony LIP-4WM batteries @ $4.99US. $10 shipping.

    Is this a scam?


    On further review product is located in China. Seems it's legit. Buy it now price is $7 to $9. Ship @ $10. Long ways away.

    No scam. It's legit and that guy is liebflea's cousin - lol. :lol: If you go back to the older posts in this thread, you'll see what I mean (about liebflea). This whole thread is dedicated to the discussion of LIP4WM from China, particularly the seller, liebflea, but I'm guessing all Chinese sellers are similar (with their packaging and product) except for price. Whether those batteries are "real" or not is up to you to decide.

  11. What's the difference between the RH1 and M100?

    I've heard there's no difference at all, but sonystyle is ambiguous.

    For this reason, I like the RH10's multiline display for playback and navigation. Which should I choose?

    The RH10 is discontinued so it's pretty hard to find lately unless you eBay it. And, there's big differences between the RH1 and M100. Edit: It's the M200 and RH1 that are the same, except the M200 comes with a mic.

    I'll let others highlight the pros and cons of each, but here's some background information for you.




    Welcome to MDCF and good luck!

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