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  1. Justin, Thanks for your input, I haven't tried to play back the MD to see if I can identify the error on the machine itself. Quite frankly, even if the error in question isnt heard over the md player itself, its still a problem of the workflow, and therefore final work-product output. I mentioned the error correction circuitry, because the error described reminds me VERY much of the type of dropouts you get on MiniDV tape, little tiny audio "blips". Thats a bitch too, because when you play a corrupted tape back via analog out, it may look almost normal, but when you try to dump the tape via firewire, the errors on the tape become magically exposed. Anyone who has dealt with minidv cameras a lot should know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyway, I'm sorry to report that I am currently auctioning off all of my Minidisc equipment. It wasnt an easy decision, but I simply need a more trouble free recording workflow. My decision was to get an Edirol R-09 with an 8GB SDHC card, and to continue to use my external mic preamp. Everyone, thanks for your help, I really did try to give the format one last try! -Adam S. ps- Justin, you may not be able to hear the tiny little "bllip" I was describing, you really really need some good IEM's or headphones to hear it.
  2. Sorry, It's gone. You must take a religious attitude while "Systemfile writing." -A
  3. OK everyone, just so you don't think I'm totally crazy. Here is a sample as promised a while ago. listen carefully on the right channel between SECOND 1.9 and 2.0 You will hear, if you still have good hearing, and a decent pair of monitors or IEM's, a tiny little blip/click. These are peppered all throughout my recordings :~( Please someone advise, they drive me crazy. -Adam error.wav
  4. Sorry guys, I have been really busy lately and haven't been able to really touch any of my audio project in a few days :/ Justin: No, I dont use the remote for recording, ever. And no, I dont mess with AC adapters while recording.
  5. Hi, So, I have been incredibly pleased with my new setup. Currently I have a external preamp running into my RH1 via Line-In. Damn the recordings sound good. But, when I listen carefully, I often hear VERY VERY tiny "blips" and "clicks", or sometimes it sounds like the sound disappears for just a tiny fraction of a second. This is apparent after I upload the tracks to my computer, via usb. I think the error correction circuitry is kicking in more often than I would like. Is this normal? I have to listen very very closely with my IEM's (Shure E4's)... Most people really wouldnt be able to hear these slight errors. If this isnt normal, is there some settings I could play with in the service mode? Should I send it back to sony for repair? I really dont want to be without my MD recorder for a whole 10 days, especially if they say there is nothing wrong and send back the unit unrepaired. -Adam
  6. I'm looking at the "PreSonus BLUETUBE DP". Thats gonna run you about $200, but will have both a solid state and tube preamp! After a lot of different configurations I have decided that the mic preamps of most compact recorders, not just minidisc but even the CF and SD recorders, just don't have the quality of an external preamp. I mean, just last week, I borrowed a Behringer 4 channel mic mixer, with built-in phantom power and preamp... DAMN! did that make all the difference. Now one thing though... I cant figure out why the Line-IN on my MZ-RH1 seems to be more hissy than the mic input... -Adam
  7. There is no -2 setting on the recorder, the manual recording setting goes from 0-30 -Adam
  8. What line-in recording level will add no gain (0db) to the signal? Whats the standard recording level? I believe this was answered before, but I cant seem to find the post :/ -Adam
  9. So far, yes, I believe the phantom psu has increased the performance of the mic greatly. Although you will have to wait until tomorrow evening (Sunday) before I can post any comparative sound samples. -Adam
  10. Thanks for your input. My phantom power supply is coming tomorrow... I shall report my findings. I personally think the problem is that the harmonics produced by a set of singing voices, are a very challenging sound for a microphone to capture correctly. Also, it doesnt help that I am trying to record voices in a room the size of a shoebox. As for the recording level, I have recorded at well below -12db... same problems. -Adam -Adam
  11. Just to let everyone know, I'm waiting for my ART PHANTOM II phantom power supply to arrive. I assuming I'll be able to squeeze just a little more performance out of my NT4. Anyway, I just got back from a decent string quartet performance of Schubert and Brahms. I was surprised to see them using a single NT4 to record the entire concert. I wish I could hear what the recording sounded like! -Adam
  12. Good hearing, the room is less than optimal, having both ceiling tiles, and carpets. Also, the room is very small, not the best place to be practicing... but we have no choice right now. Thanks for all your help! I will be investigating this more over the coming weeks. -Adam Ironically, the cable has NO PAD, not even a trace of a PCB. I'll include pictures if you'd like... This mic was an older unit. I am still itching to try a ART Phantom II power supply.... -Adam
  13. Guitarfxr, I'm not sure what you mean. The mic comes with 2 cables, one cable take the special propitiatory connector and coverts that to 2 xlr connectors. The second cable takes the propitiatory connector and converts that to a single 1/8" stereo connector. Thats the one I currently use to connect the mic to my MD recorder. The mic is currently powered with a 9V battery. I wanted to know if I could use the other connector, the xlr one, connect the mic, via xlr to a phantom power supply, then run the connection in my MD recorder. I think this may yield me better results, but I'm not sure what the price/performance ratio is going to be -Adam
  14. Thanks, I understand exactly what your trying to get at. Do you think that if I were to power the mic with phantom power, it might help it cope with the non-linear SPL's? Thanks, -Adam I may be my IEM's too, Shure E4. Guitarfxr confirmed my suspicion, I thought the human voice had a special ability to produce waveforms which overload most mics quickly. It does sound like I am exceeding the SPL capability of the mic. -Adam
  15. I only added a 7db boost to the original recordings. Listen carefully to the loud sopranos. Previously I have recorded with a pair of AKG C1000S using phantom power from a Beheringer mixer, outputted to my Archos AV420 by line-in. In this setup I had much less distortion during the loud, intense parts. I think I just need to get phantom power to this NT4 Its really tough, during the normal volume parts the mic sounds sweet, but as soon as we sing forte I get a lot of distortion. -Adam clip1.wav clip2.wav
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