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  1. I still think Canada has the cheapest HiMD blanks. I pay $6.49 for one at London Drugs, and they've recently done away with the blank media tariff on all MiniDiscs too (or at least they don't add it anymore at London Drugs). They also have lots of HiMD blanks in stock.

    [ FYI 6.49 Canadian is currently £2.84 and $5.51 US. ]

  2. BTW...no one has made actual 74min MD's for YEARS. What is still for sale was repackaged old stock actually made years ago.

    That's not true. 74 min blanks are usually always made alongside the 80min ones for the simple reason that some very old MD equipment doesn't support 80min ones properly. It's the 60min ones that were phased out many years ago.

  3. The JE320 is an old deck that doesn't support MDLP. The N420D /only/ supports MDLP recording (via SonicStage) or fake SP, but it will of course playback normal SP discs (as you said, it plays the 74 minuter). Your discs are probably all in LP2 or LP4 and will thus play as silence on the deck (with track titles, and a time display, etc). Solutions? Redo all your discs using the deck and lovely old SP or redo them using fake SP. Or, better still, get a cheap MDLP deck, preferably with Type-S, for example: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MDS-JE480.html

  4. lol No problem. I love when posters take the initiative to get info first via searching and what-not instead of completely relying on future replies to their threads (and then complaining when they don't get an answer in a few hours). ;) A+ for you. And, in case no one has said it, welcome to MDCF!

    Here in Canada you get shafted by import duty. Thankfully, AudioCubes (very kindly) only declared by 105FX as being worth $40, so the stupid customs idiots thought that a big box labelled as "MiniDisc Accessories: $40" was only worth about $14 tax :-) If AC had put the deck's real value on the form (nearly $500 Canadian) imagine the tax I'd have had to pay...

  5. No. The JE510 can't even do MDLP... Not worth going to the trouble for at all.

    Well, I dunno. Using the JE510 for making great-sounding SP discs for playback on his RH10 sounds like a good plan to me. It'll save wear to the RH10. That's if 80mins per disc is fine for him, though.

  6. I bought the deck so that I'll have something sturdy enough to last, that can play *any* generation of my minidiscs in the future, after Sony has stopped supporting minidiscs completely. So the cost is kind of an investment. But I won't feel cheated if Sony or someone else keeps minidisc alive. It's a nice decent deck (in spite of no USB and other features already mentioned).

    That's a good justifcation. Same as me really. I just hope the Onkyo is built well to last that long. It seems like it is. Plus, I bet AudioCubes have warehouses full of it ;) I hope so anyway...

  7. Loved this review! Rarely have I seen such an in-depth, user-friendly review on anything. I felt as though I was right there playing with that machine. The upshot of it all: I had to go to Minidisco and purchase the "older sister" Onkyo MD-133 deck. I too wish that Sony would get off the dime and start building HiMD decks. But I don't see it happening. :angry:

    Thanks for the kind comments. As I said in the review, these decks are only worth the excessive cost if you know you'll play with it all the time. I've made about 15 discs on my 105FX already, and I'm surprised at how good normal SP sounds. It must be Type-R!

  8. Fellow Onkyo deck/hifi owners:

    What does the MD2 Mode option mean/do? Oh how I'd love an English manual ;-) I've also just discovered the Onkyo deck doesn't behave like a real MDLP recorder either; it doesn't strip LPstamps from LP2/4 track titles (unless I'm missing an option here, too).

  9. I've always updated SS to the latest version straight away, so for me I have problematic discs created with 4.0 for sure. I'm tempted to transfer an entire problematic 1gig disc over, format it, and transfer back. If it doesn't work then I'll be quite annoyed, since it's quite a strain on the portable's recording head!

  10. The problem for me happens with discs made with both SS and SB. It's not /such/ an annoyance, I just wish I knew exactly what it was for future workarounds. I've actually made some legacy SP discs with the deck recently and titling with the remote is quick once you get the hang of it.

    The Onkyo HiMD gear definitely uses Type-S (and therefore Type-R) right?

  11. I've done some more testing, specifically with one disc that I'm having trouble with. It's blue 1gig disc that I call 'Joy Division Discography'. However, the 105FX only sees the disc title as "vDa" yet displays every group, album and track title correctly. So I tried blanking and rewriting the disc name in both SB and SonicStage. I tried renaming it to something else. I tried blanking it and then naming it in the deck. Nothing works. Whenever you try and write a new disc title in the deck (from blank or vDa) it says "Impossible".

    Just what causes this problem? I've got many discs I've made in SonicStage and SimpleBurner that appear fine.

  12. A weird thing that display problem; sometimes I get the feeling SB is not that well compatible; if I transfer those incorrectly displayed tracks (played back fine though) back to the pc, then back upon the same MD, it suddenly works. I'll try copy of CD to MD via SS (using unnecessarily HDD space) in one go, see if it goes better. I'll update this topic for complementary info.

    Could you write a short piece summarising the unit's co-operation with the Intec series so I can add it to my review (with full credit to you, of course)? I'd be very grateful.

    Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one with the display problem. I thought my unit may be faulty. I can't be bothered redoing all the discs that have the problem, but if you think it may be caused by Simple Burner we may be on to something. I'll do some more experiments.

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