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  1. I would just like it to be more stable.

    I am happy with the software really, but it crashes a lot when I transfer large files or many files to my NW-E005. It is not consistent, sometimes it fails and other times it works ok on the same tracks.

    Also when it crashes, the files take up disk space but they cannot be played on the player, only files that transfer 100% ok you can play.

  2. Hi!

    Thank you (again) for this wonderful piece of software. It is so quick and easy to use.

    I have noted two problems

    1. The 'jump' at the start of each track (you know about this already)

    2. I cannot fast-forward through some tracks - it tries to, but it is very slow (real time play speed!). Can you fix this? Or is it a problem with my MP3 files?

    I would like a more standard file browser on the right-panel too, with the [..] folder to go up a level, and maybe a drive box to select your harddrive (e.g. C: D: E: etc.)


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