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  1. hi all... sorry for the late reply... thanks for all the inputs... it's kinda frustrating to know that you've got a piece of equipment that can record audio for 32 hours but get the problem of sync issues. yea... i kinda guessed that the conversion from Sony's format to .wav would screw up the sampling... recording with PCM and swapping every 1 hour wouldn't do for me coz i would wanna eliminate as many distractions as possible when going live... will definitely look into the ikey solution... looks really promising thanks again for all the inputs... this site's really helpful coz of guys like you! gabe
  2. Hi all... was hoping that some one could help me out here... I had a gig which required me to record audio from various mic sources via a mixer which was located 100m from my camera. Of course instead of running a 100m XLR cable which sorta hinders the camera movement, I opted for HiMD recording. Since the live presentation was over 7 hours long, and i couldn't be next to my MD player (Sony MZ-M10), I left it to record on LP mode which gives me about 32 hours recording time. Now the problem i have is that when i bring them all into my editing suite... the audio recorded on the HiMD player doesn't sync up with the audio from the camera's onboard microphone. To make matters worse, i have a total of 800 different tracks which i have to go through and pick out the ones which has the audio i want to use. I have resorted to "rerecording" the recorded audio back into my computer... this way, i realize... it minimizes the sync issue. could some one explain how this can be? is it something to do with the 44.1KHz and 48KHz difference? Also would appreciate it if some one could provide some tips on reducing the number of recorded tracks on the HiMD... many of which are just silent passages... any help will be much appreciated... i'm totally swamped with 2 HiMDs with a total of 14 hours of audio recordings... thanks! gabe
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