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  1. Moin,

    i have got a Sure SM 58 Mic and tried to use it with my Sony MZ R-37. İ had an Adapter Cable from XLR to 3,5 mm. No Signal.

    My Question: what might be the reason? Should the microphone normally work with the MD (without an extra preamp)? Or should İ better buy another mic? İn that case, İ have very less money and am in İstanbul at the moment, so how can İ find a very cheap one? (i would ask in the shops.. but what should İ consider by chosing a mic? Should be OK for İnterviews and reporting..)

    Thank you!


  2. Hey

    i have an old Sony MZ R-37 but the manual is missing! Now İ really want to do some records with a microphone.. İ have an SM 58. My first question: The SM 58 is dynamic microphone, so it should work with the mic input, shouldn' t it?

    My second problem: İ have no manual and İ just can not find out how to get a pegel. Also İ don' t find out how to adjust the pegel.. İ even couldn' t find out how to delete tracks ( :superstition: ) ...

    Maybe the MD-Reorder is broken in some tasks, but İ think not.

    Can anybody help me? Or give me an idea where to find help?

    Thanx a lot!!


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