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*possible* fast oma>wav method! GraphEdit->TotalRecor

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I've been playing with the "GraphEdit" program.


There *may* be a way to dump OMA files faster than realtime.

In particular, it appears that the following chain plays faster than realtime!

Input.oma --> OMG transofrm --> Playback thru TotalRecorder

What I did was open the GraphEdit program, then drag an OMA file to

that window. It builds the above, but with "default DirectSound device" at the right.

Then do: Graph -> Insert Filters -> Audio Renderers -> Playback through Totalrecorder.

Wire this up in place of DirectSound.

Next go to Total Recording and hit the button "Recording Source and Parameters". Tick the box "Accelerate recording (silent mode)", then choose "max".

So, it seems to record fast, but the question is will it record beyond 60seconds? I can't tell because TotalRecorder trial version is limited to 40sec only. If it works I'll buy the program.

Please tell me!!


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Uh... no shit.

Marcnet found this out around a month ago. He's already coded a program that uses DirectShow filters to do this very same thing outside of GraphEdit.

Next time you should search the forums before posting, kthnx.

Locking thread.

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