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Do You Own A MXS20?

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If you do, have you been experiencing any recording issues with SonicStage Premium?

Perhaps you need to update SonicStage Premium. I believe the last update was 2003, version for the MXS20 US Ed. In addition, there's a 1.5 JE version from MX series. Why don't you utilize SonicStage 2.3 instead?

I'm searching for a copy of this software do you know where can I find it?

of not could you please mail me a copy?

Are you employing a VAIO unit? If not, you will not able to use it. You can only use SonicStage Premium with a VAIO unit.

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  • 1 month later...

I have a PCV-MX20 and I have installed Sonic Stage 2.3 on it. The install left Sonic Stage 1.1 on it as well (and the FM, memory stick & aux recording works as before). I have two problems: (1) Recording MDs using either 2.3 or 1.1 freezes at 95%. Before installing 2.3 that didn't happen with 1.1. (2) Sonic Stage 1.1 plays MDs OK. Sonic Stage 2.3 "plays" the MD, but there is no sound.

I think I need an upgraded netmd driver or maybe a firmware update for the MD in the PCV-MXS20. I have two MZ-N707 portables, and Sonic Stage 2.3 works beautifully with them (connecting via USB to my Toshiba notebook).

If anyone out there actually gets Sonicstage 2.3 to work on the Vaio PCV-MXS10 or S20, please tell how you did it.



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  • 9 months later...

I own an MXS20 and I just installed SS 3.3 and I also have tried everything and can not get an MD to play on the system. The install left the old SS premium installed so I can play MDs there. I think at this point Sony omitted this feature as the MXS10 and 20 are the only US models that have built in MDs. It does seem kind of cheap not to finish the program and allow use of the MD drive built to into the system for play back.

On another note is there anyway to import MD songs that I have recorded myself into SS 3.3. Every time I try to do this the system seems to convert the entire MD and at the last minute when it looks like it is going to transfer I get a notice that you can not transfer copyrighted material. The problem is this is my own music that I play and write. Shouldn’t there be a way to transfer my own music. The system is very picky.

I know the MDs have a flag or electronic marker on the recording that tells the system if it is a copy or not but with original music the system should not see it as a copywrite problem.

At any rate if there is anyone that has insight into these MXS20 issues or has any other insight on this computer I would love to hear back from you.

Thanks for your time,


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Only Hi-MD discs can import audio to the computer via USB. For uploading audio from your unit in such a manner, you will need to do it in realtime. There are several faq's about this in the forum.

I believe your MXS20's drivers are not being recognized by Sonicstage. It would be best to install the drivers for the unit and then install Sonicstage, but I am not entirely sure if that will work.

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Hey guys, Ishii pointed me out this discussion thread to see if I can help. I also own one of those fine and rare VAIO PCs - MXS20. For how much Sony has charged people initially for those PCs ($2700 just for the MXS and speakers), one would think they wiould support and provide updates regularly. Unfortunately, SonicStage Premium as a nice piece of software with its enhanced features (therefore the name Premium) got stuck on version 1.1 in the US and in Japan they kept supporting it till version 1.5.07 I believe. I have tried using 1.5.07 but due to the lack of knowing Japanese, it was frustrating at times and I reverted back to 1.1. By the way, SS Premium will not install or work properly on any other VAIO or non-VAIO computer because of its specific features tied exclusively to MXS series with built-in MD and FM tuner, Digital Optical In and Out. Also, SS Premium and SS Mastering Studio are not the same.

OK, to your questions: I have personally never tried using SS 3.3 and MD playback, I normally used SS Premium or MiniDisk Player applications only. However, I did upgrade the Minidisk and Sony Digital Audio Board firmwares acquired from SS Premium 1.5 JP. So not sure if the upgrades will allow you do what you tried with SS 3.3, I need to test it and see.

When I get to testing I will post my results and see if it is worth upgrading the firmwares.

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Here is my follow up. Sorry it took a while to reply. I have installed SonicStage 3.3 and I was not able to playback the MD inserted into the MD drive, MDs will only playback under SonicStage Premium. I was able to transfer songs imported from my CD and converted to different formats (MP3, Atrac Lossless, etc) to MD with no problem. SonicStage 3.3 recognizes MDs of the PCV-MXS20 as a NetMD. I have also connected my MD Player MZ-N1 to the MXS20 and SonicStage 3.3 again recognized as NetMD, had no problems transfering songs and playing them, but with no sound. I did the same procedure with my VAIO notebook - same results. So in conclusion, as kurisu noted only HiMD players are able to playback tracks via USB. I do not have one yet, so I cannot confirm that. When I connected my N1 to MXS, SS Premium recognized it as an External Device (NetMD) in its interface as well. Hope this helps.
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  • 2 months later...

Does anyone know where I can get an update for SonicStage Premium? It doesn't work with a Canadian Connect Player (Sony Walkman A3000 Player) unless I update it.

CONNECT Player is horrible, but I need it for the features on the walkman.

The MXS20 Minidisc died 8 months after I got it (it did the 95% thing) and then I sent it in to Sony to have the minidisc drive replaced. After I got it back from Sony, all it did was spit the disc back out; it doesn't even attempt to read it.

Thanks Sony for developing crappy software and awful product support.

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Sorry to ressurect an old thread, but i happen to have the same computer. I had the same problem, sent it to sony, got it back. It worked for a while, then it started acting up again (once the warranty expired). I happened to fix it myself by just cleaning it with canned air and an MD recording head cleaner.

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  • 13 years later...

13 years later...

So, I managed to buy a nice looking PCV-MXS10 (seems the same as MXS20 but with lower PC specs). I know I'm not the only one here to own this beautyful piece of hardware. Does anybody have recovery discs or driver/software installers for MXS10/20? Sony US and JP removed any files from their web sites.


p.s. MD drive is not working, as expected. But I bought a laser module replacement and it didn't help. Maybe I'm missing a driver or proper software? It loads the disc and I hear laser cart's motor. But I don't hear spinning motor at all. After 10 secs it ejects the disc. SonicStage Premium 1.0 says "disc not inserted" all the way, but indicators on built-in lcd display shows some MD activity.

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