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Backup Of Sonicstage Library

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I´m not sure if the following question has been answered completely:

I am planning on getting a brandnew PC. Therefore I would like to maka a backup of my SonicStage library from my OLD PC with the SonicStage backup tool to an external drive.

On my NEW PC I would like to install SonicStage 2.3 completely new (without any data) and afterwards restore my database on this new computer.

(BTW: all files are songs ripped from my own CDs).

Is this possible without becoming any problems?

I´d be happy getting an answer as I am becoming nightmares...the idea of having to rip hundreds of CDs again only because I am getting a new PC....



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I was about to ask the very same question. I've looked around various fora and can see that this type of question has been asked before. The answer has typically been to back up in SS on the old PC, then restore from that backup in SS on the new PC. But, for every person who says it works, there is another who says that it doesn't.

I'm often upgrading my hardware and so it would be pretty pointless for me to back up all my favourite CDs only to find that I have to do it all over again after changing PC/Vaio/HDD. But having all my favourites in Hi-SP on my PC is what I'd like.

Does anyone know the exact circumstances under which this will and will not work? Or is it just temperamental?

Many thanks,


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SonicStage has a backup utility built into it that will back up your liscenses et al along with the music tracks. This is meant specifically for the situation you're speaking of.

The safest way to do this if your destination is CD- or DVD-recordables requires that you have enough empty space on your hard disc to make a complete copy of your library right there.

In SonicStage, go to the Tools menu. Click on "Back up my library" and it will prompt you that it has to shut down SS in order to do so, then start the backup tool.

A warning, though: not only do you need at least as much free space as your library takes in order to make the backup copy, you will also need the time it takes to do so.

SS's backup tool is best known for taking an extremely long time to do its job. I would suggest leaving this as an overnight task as a result.

Give it as a destination another folder on one of your hard discs. Please note that if you have a removable hdd to use for the backup, you obviously don't need to worry about the free space on your main drive or the whole process of copying to CD or DVD recordables.

When it finishes, simply back up the folders piecemeal to CD or DVD recordables. You'll have to copy the entire thing back to the hard disc again from these later in order to restore the library, meaning you have to have at least twice the empty space again if this is how you're doing things.

I don't even actually know if the backup tool will write directly to CD or DVD drives, but in any case - I simply do not trust Sony's software enough to let it complete this task, even if it supposedly could.

As I said - if you have a removable hard disc, there's obviously no need to worry about the free space or CD/DVD writing stages.

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Thank you, dex. It's nice to know that it really is meant to work that way. So, when I upgrade my Vaio, as I inevitably will at some point in the future, I'll simply back up the library to a removable HDD and restore from that on to the new machine.



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