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New Sony Atrac HDD walkman

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Sonys online store germany (link) offers the new Sony-Walkman "NWA1000" and "NWA3000"





and black like NWA 3000

- 1.5 " OLED display

- 6 GB

- CONNECT-Player included (End of SonicStage or another name? There's no sign of SonicStage on this page like it was with the NW-HD5)

NWA 3000



- 2" OLED display

- 20 GB

- CONNECT-Player

Is this online by msitake? I can't find further information on this ..

and these are looking really sweet, Sony .. :ol_rolleyes:

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They look pretty good. Very sleek.

They seem to have earphone and remote sockets on the top.

Atleast there is a range of colours apart from Black or Silver (not that I have anything against Black or Silver). I wonder if there scratchability of the OLED has been improved so that it is more resistant.

As you say no sign of a SonicStage logo. Could Sony be moving to simple drag & drop operation if so how will files convert to ATRACPLUS (via the Connect software perhaps)

The wheel thing looks very iPodish though !!!

The site also has those Bean flashplayers that Kurisu mentioned recently.

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