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Recently Got A Minidisc Quick Question

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What model MD do you have?

NetMD refers to the generation of minidisc recorders before Hi-MD, the MZ-N** series. It's not software. SonicStage is still the interface from PC to MD.

If you are trying to copy CDs to MD, Sony also has a more basic program, MD Simple Burner: put the CD in the computer, push Record, it goes to the USB-connected MD.


WinNetMD, if that's what you're thinking of, is a non-freeware program that helped automate realtime recording from MD to PC on NetMD units (MZ-N**). It was very useful for old NetMD's if there was material recorded on the MD that you wanted to copy to the computer. But it's unnecessary if you have Hi-MD.

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Thanks for responding. I've got the Sony MZ-NE410 BLACK MiniDisc Player. Sonic stage version 1.5. I don't think I have Hi-MD but the setup for winnetmd isn't working for me for some reason. How would I go about getting Hi-MD? I basically just wanna be using the programs you more experienced md users use.

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Get SonicStage 3.0. It's the upgrade from 1.5.


You can try just installing it on top of 1.5 (it will ask to uninstall 1.5 during Setup) or you can be neater and uninstall 1.5 according to these instructions before installing 3.0.


You can't record on the NE410, only download via USB, so you don't need WinNetMD at all, just get rid of it. And the NE410 is not Hi-MD hardware, so it doesn't have the Hi-MD functions.

Sonic Stage, as you've seen, organizes a music library and lets you transfer it to the NE-410 via USB.

Also try Simple Burner from the link under Software FAQ, too. It lets you pop a CD into the computer and copy it onto MD directly. Those are the two programs you'll need.


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