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Sony Cmt-ah10 (bookshelf W/timer) Availability?

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Hi, I've a CMT-M333 (bookshelf) that I use for timed recordings for recording classical music shows from the radio and a JB-980 for playback in my hifi setup.

Now, I've seen that the CMT-AH10 Hi-MD (bookshelf) has been announced.

I would like one as a replacement for my CMT-M333 for timed recording of radio shows.

Has anybody seen this for sale as of yet ? I'm in Europe and would like to buy one.

(To bad I cannot use the recordings directly on a Hifi Hi-MD deck. Will have to transfer

to MD to play back on my JB-980.)


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From who ?


Usually, from estores such as AudioCubes and MiniDisco. However, they do not have the CMT-AH10 in stock. So, you may want to try a reputable Japanese-based eBay seller that most of MDCF's member had frequent: buyfromjapan (formerly known as sunnylife_jp). Send them a request and let them know you really want to acquire the CMT-AH10; hopefully, they will accomodate your request.

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