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Hi-MD as a storage device

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Please help me get this straight

If I want to use a Hi-MD as a storage device for non audio files will it work on any computer which recognizes external USB devices (Like a computer with WinXP), or do I need to install some special driver provided with the MD.

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You can certainly employ the Hi-MD device as a removable media via USB connection. (includes a system with WinXP) If you have installed SonicStage 3.2, you do not need to install additional driver. Otherwise, you may want to follow link 1 or link 2 to install the Personal Audio Driver. The PA Driver is to update the computer's Operating System to allow Hi-MD Walkman to function as a removable disk even without the use of the SonicStage software.

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So WinXP does need an update unless I have SonicStage?

(I'm asking because I often use public computers where I can't install programs)

I've yet to try using the Hi-MD device as a removable device with systems that have no pre-installed Hi-MD driver. But I am pretty sure you don't need it. The above information was derived from Sony's website.

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Hi-MD-recorders conform to the USB-mass storage standard.

Therefor no drivers are needed for Windows ME or later,

MacOSX 10 or later or Linux Kernel revision 2.4 or later.

For all other Operating systems/Versions, if an USB-Stick works, Hi-MD will too.

One recommendation: If you have a lot of small files to copy,

pack them into a Zip-File before transferring, saves a lot of space

and the transfer is much faster.

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I think it also depends on the disc you have in your HI-MD unit. My HI-MD unit hits me up for drivers when I put in a disk that was recorded by an older non-Hi-MD unit -alt

Yeah, in that case you are in NetMD mode and cannot use the disc to store data. You have to have a Hi-MD formatted disc.

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