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Just got my Hi-MD; but am having problems

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Hello all, i have just got hold of a nh 900 and am pretty chuffed with it except that i cant seem to be able to get it to recaord thru the PC, every time i connect it i get a message saying device not recognised, im trying to burn downloaded free tracks off a mp3 cd and cant get past the message device not recognised what do i need to do, it is probably simple but is more complicated by the fact that the OS is in Korean, Im a teacher ( of sorts) here.

Any help will be gratefully recieved, also from the manual i get the impression that there should be 2 cd roms one for simple burner and the other for sonic stage, i onklyhave the one for sonic stage and when i installed it i didnt see an icon also for simple burner. The version i have is 1.5 can i get a newer version to help me, is this part of the problem.

Thanks all

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The version i have is 1.5 can i get a newer version to help me

That very old SonicStage is most likely your problem. First, get it out of your computer. Uninstall it with Settings/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs and, to be extra-careful, follow the steps here:


Then, if you have a dependable internet connection, go to one of the links here:


and get a link to install SonicStage 3.3 from whichever region you prefer. It's an online installer, and will take some time.

You can also download an offline installer for 3.2 from this page


But 3.3 is better.

Simple Burner is also on that Downloads page.

If Sonicstage 3.x gives you any problems, then first try the MDAC Repair Tool from the Downloads page above. Should all that fail, ask for help in the Software Discussion/FAQ zone .

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