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Minidisc Usage Question: MZN-NH600D vs MZ-RH910

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I got a new mz nh600d the other day...(i wasnt' planning on it but I i was in a source store and saw they were $149. I asked if I could get a further discount cause it was a display model. After a few minutes the manager came our and said I could have it for $100. I probably would have paid 140 for it. Never hurts to ask I guess.)

I have a mzrh910 as well and every day, I transfer about 15 hours of radio shows as mp3 files using just the file system and not SS. When I get to work, I just plug the usb cord in to the pc and listen away.

Now that I have 2 himd units I just want to carry the disks and not the units to and from work. I would like to know what is harder on the unit. Transfering 1/2 GB of data through usb or listening through usb for 8 hours. Battery life and unit features are not an issue.

I would like to save the 910 for field recordings on the weekends and would like to put as litte stress on it otherwise.

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Absolutely - I picked up a NH600 quite cheaply (£80), and it does the bulk of heavy transferring from PC, and the occasional upload, while the RH10 is used out and about as an everyday player and occasional live recorder.

I would imagine transferring is harder on units than playback, judging by all the whirring and grinding that goes on during transfer, and the fact that recording (which is essentially what transferring is), is much more costly on battery life than playback..

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