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A few mzrh910 issues

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I have a few minor issues with my rh910 that have been bugging me for a while.

First of all I use it mainly for long radio recordings. Mostly 3 to 5 hour mp3 files. During playback it seems the time does not correspond with the actual time of the recording. ie I listen for an hour and they time played on the unit might say 2 hours or 5 minutes. I have recorded the mp3's in various bit rates with the same unpredicable results. I do not have time to split the files as I record overnight and quicky load them before work.

My other issue, is , using SS3.3, I can only drag about 50 or so small mp3 files at once, if I try to drag more SS will hang. Not a big deal as I just do 50 at a time, but annoying none the less. Should I consider reinstalling SS.

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Well it's been a year and the time display problem for long mp3's on my

mz-rh910 is still there, and I haven't heard or seen anyone with the same problem.

Am I the only one that wants to put long podcasts on their HIMD. Or is it just my unit that is faulty

Can anyone give me some advice. This problem has existed with every version of SS, including 4.2.

I have tried every Bitrate as well.

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