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Problems with my MD players!

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Stray Dog

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Ok, I had one MD player, got some problems, so got another off a friend, this one is now having some new problems. Hmm.

Ok the first player is a Sony MZ-n510.

The problem with this one is quite simple. Only one headphone works. I have tried several headphones, its definately the MD that is broken. I only get sound through one ear, whatever headphones Im using, especially annoying for things in stereo.

Any ideas?

The second player is a Sony MZ-n710.

It has a very annoying problem, and its this damned Hi DC In message which pops up at the most inappropriate of times.

It first started when charging. Sometimes when I would plug the adaptor in to charge and press CHG it wouldnt charge but the Hi DC In message would pop up. However after a few attempts it would always charge, and I could cope.

However then it started cutting out when playing and displaying this darned message. Very odd.

Yesterday I needed to charge it and was basically trying all day, but it just wouldn't work and kept saying Hi Dc In. All day.

However I got it to charge finally today, played a track, then it cut out like before. Now whenever I try to play, charge, or ANYTHING, it says Hi Dc In, makes a clicking noise and dies. Cant get it to respond in any other way.

It has no adaptor attached.

I've looked at the online manual and it says it does this when an adaptor with too high a voltage goes in. However it usually does this when there is no adaptor. I got this second hand, and use the sony adaptor from the older MZ-n510. Has worked fine before. I dont think its anything to do with the adaptor.

Please help me! Any help with either problems is appreciated, as I don't want to buy a third MD player (all my music is on over 200 MDs).

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On the N510 a headphone jack solder point is probably broken. It would need to be soldered back onto the board if the tab is not broken completely. Maybe the jack contacts are dirty, but I don't think so.

On the N710, are you using the Sony stock power adapter? That message appears when the input voltage is too high. Either the adapter is not supplying the correct voltage or the sensor that reads the voltage is damaged. In the case of the adapter being damaged you can just replace the power adapter or if a universal adapter is being used make sure that the voltage is set properly.

In either case (N510 & N710) it would probably be easier and more cost effective to get a "new" unit on eBay than trying to get it repaired unless you can attempt to repair it yourself.

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