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slider and settings in MD-Record screen

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I'm just starting to use the program to upload MDLP4 tracks and record via optical cable. I tried various settings of the slider, but all recordings sound the same. What is that slider for? I could also use some guidance with the Mp3 output settings "cut start & end silence" and "silence threshold."


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The slider is meant to change the recording volume of the selected input (the second drop down list) on the selected soundcard (the first drop down list).

"cut start & end silence" is just that - If enabled, the software will not record silence at the start or end of a track.

The silence threshold tells the HIMDRenderer the maximum "value" of an individual sound sample it should treat as silence. If "cut start & end silence" is enabled, then any sound sample value that is below the threshold value is considered as silence, and if at the start or end of a track, will not be included in the recording.

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