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Uploading Legacy md-recordings (track marks, time & date)

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Today I found that my Sharp MD-R2 deck wasn't working as expected. Bought it new & unused for transfer old md-recordings through the digital out jack. But it can't read the TOC on sveral discs and my digital realtime recordings to my PowerBook are therefore impossible. Found this statement on the net when troubleshooting:

"As you could read in many places on the net, sharp & kenwood equipment have a factory defect call UTOC ERROR that turns your deck into paperweight. I would stay hands off this piece of eclectic UTOC ERROR md destroyer junk. Those guys at Sharp must have been drunk and joking when they designed it."

So I have to find another way for my transfers of old fieldrecordings... I've been reading a lot of the topics on this forum and found out that sonicstage 4 for windows will upload legacy md-recordings to a windows pc in wav-format (10X speed?). In a not so distant future I will probably be able to run windows on an intel-mac and will eventually get the MZ-RH1 to upload my old stuff. But I still got some questions:

* are tracks uploaded one by one? (not a single, large wav-file?)

* are there any way to preserve the tracktitles + time & date-info?

* are the manual to sonicstage 4 available in pdf-format somewhere? (for detailed info on features)

any info on this would be much appreciated!

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1) Yes

2) Likely, but not entirely sure (My old MDLP unit didn't have timestamp ...). You will need to have tracktitles and time stamp in the first place assuming it works.

3) Not as far as I know. But SonicStage is available for free, and the manual is included as Windows helpfile.

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Ok, thanks for the info!

my both portable md-recorders (sony mz-r30 & mz-r909) have time stamp

so it would be nice to be able to keep the original recording dates somehow...

seeing that the high end sony md-decks isn't available here in europe anymore

(for real time digital transfer), I guess the MZ-RH1 is the way to go.

I just want to transfer my old md-recs + my old tapes to a more convenient modern

format and get rid of old technology thats just wastes space.

(will keep the r909 and some md-discs, though)

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