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A Sad Day My MZ NH700 is No More

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Greetings to all Forum Members

I have been a keen enthusiast of the Minidisc format

for many years.

I have owned my MZ NH700 (Hi-MD) from new it, (was 2 and a half years old).

Last night I went to use my beloved MZ NH700, but after inserting

a 1GB disc nothing happend.

At first I thought it was the battery.

But after changing the battery it still would not work.

I tried in vain to get it to work, but nothing!

Does anyone know if the MZ NH700 had any "first generation"


I will miss not being able to listen to my Hi-MD collection,

and after this experience I am disappointed with Sony.

Can anyone suggest another Sony Hi-MD minidisc player/recorder

which is reasonably priced?

Kind regards


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If it does nothing at all it's probably a broken/loose connection somewhere. Check the battery & make sure it's making good contact & if that doesn't work then either send it to be repaired or at least open it up yourself to have a look. Can't hurt if it's completely dead can it?

Have you tried another battery to be sure the one you have is not at fault?

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i suspect lose battery connection. same stupid prob with my otherwise wonderful 900.

Thanks to you all

Sadly my old MZ-NH700 has given up the ghost, so I now have a MZ-RH710.

It is so wonderful to be able to listen to Hi MD again.

I just hope it lasts longer and is more reliable than my defunct MZ-NH700.

Kind regards


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