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Data loss

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I'll try to give you a detailed overview of what happend

First I worked with a Sony MZ-RH1 and SonicStage :

This is how the sage began, I'm currently bussy with research and for this research we are doing interviews. These interviews are recorded on a minidisk (80min) with HI-LP thus I have 10h of interviews on one disk thus on average 8-9 interviews. When I finish a session of interviews I copy them to the PC as a back up and I keepo the disk to make sure all is well. This has worked fine up till now. These last 2 dayw I have interviewed 4 people and recorded 3 of these interviews on a disk with alrady 5 or 6 interviews on it that I've already transfered to my pc and 1 interview I recorded on a new disk. This morning I transfered the one interview to the pc, this worked for 10 of the 12 traks (as usual) and for two of them I needed to transfer them on e by one for some reason. For the record I copy them in wav format. Then I stoped the disk en put in the disk with 5 plus 3 new interviews. In order to get sonic stage to recognize the disk I logged of and on so he would recognize my md player. This time he didn't find any files. Ok no problem maybee he didn't find the MD again so I restarted my pc again no traks so I looked around and tried net himd again no files. This time I got realy freaked and cheked my md with the head phones, and I get the message 'No Tracks'

Now I'm looking all over the place for a method to get these interviews back because they prooved to be the most important ones I have so far and really need them

So please if some one has a method to get them back please contact me!

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Sounds strange, but there is no need to log off to swap disc. The proper method is to press the stop/cancel button on the unit, and then you can eject the disc. Restarting is an other way to do it (it takes longer).

The only HiMD recovery method known to date is here :


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