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NH900 writing problems

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Hi. I cant write in my HI disc, it shows a message like this: "protected disc". Obiously the disc isnt protected so.. what can i do? Two weeks ago my NH900 crash down to the floor and two screws are break now.. i think could be that.. but the unit works correctly.

thks and sorry about my english

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i've searching here and I found this:

"I had exactly the same problem with my old MZ-R50(?). Due to some poor disk insertion the 'protect detector pin' got broken/bent. If you look into the open mouth of the MD to the left hand side there should be two pins, the nearest one longer than the other. It probes the protect hole in the MDisc. If your is still OK then try putting a small piece of tape over the Mdisk hole (even though it shouyld be filled as normal for record enable) and see if the extra hight helps the MD recorder recognise the disc as record enabled. If the pins bent/broken there is no repair I'm afraid."

Now I can edit disc with NH900 but i cant record with sonicstage! it has no sense xD

Please some help

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The way I get around this is to insert a small piece of paper over the write-protect tap thingy when inserting a disc. It's not pretty but it works. I fear my NH900 is on it's last legs anyway, the front metal plate is now completely detatched on one side. I've consigned it to at-home use only & may look into some kind of replacement for it if it bites the dust. Maybe an RH1 or maybe something else.

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