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OMGJBOX.exe encountered an error and needs to close... whilst creating Atrac CD

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Hi everyone

I've been trying for the past couple of days to create an Atrac CD for someone who's Sony portable CD player only supports Atrac CDs and not MP3 CDs (honestly Sony, what were you on??).

Problem is though after about half an hour of converting the MP3s in the CD creation process, I get a Windows error message...

OMGJBOX.exe encountered an error and needs to close

I'm using the latest version of SonicStage, and successfully created an Atrac CD about 6 months ago.

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing and still it happens.

It seems to get stuck whilst converting a file, but it's a different file every time.

I've not got access to another computer at the moment to try it on. And I'm not sure anyone would appreciate me installing Sonicstage on their laptop spreading itself all over their system.

I was wondering if there's any other software out there that can create Atrac CDs?

This is really annoying and has wasted so much time.



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