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Sony's SonicStage CP allows code injection

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source http://www.heise-security.co.uk/news/98181

Sony's SonicStage CP allows code injection

Sony uses SonicStage CP software for loading its MP3 players. However, the application processes crafted playlists incorrectly, so that attackers can inject and execute external code.

According to a security advisory from Secunia, the security vulnerability was discovered by Parvez Anwar. If a .m3u playlist contains an entry with more than 1000 characters, a buffer overflow can occur. A sample program which is meant to demonstrate the vulnerability has now appeared on milw0rm.

The bug apparently affects the current version 4.3 of SonicStage CP and possibly previous versions. No update is yet available, so users of this software should not open .m3u playlists for the time being.

# Sample program demonstrating the vulnerability on milw0rm

# Sony CONNECT Player M3U Playlist Processing Buffer Overflow, security advisory from Secunia

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The easiest way to avoid any problems is to never use M3Us from an unknown source. Or to check them using a text editor, such as Notepad, for the presence of any strings longer than 1000 symbols. Actually, there shouldn't be any strings longer than about 100 symbols, and those are for songs with really long names.

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