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Sony new Drag 'n drop makes SS feel MUCH MUCH better

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I know this is an MD forum and people have issues with SS

However against my better judgement I looked at one of the newer Sony NWZ A818 type music players --8 GB, nice looking and "ostensibly" drag 'n drop.

The software Sony came up with for ripping CD's direct to the music player makes SS seem like the most intelligent piece of software ever.

The new Walkman media manager software just SUCKS -- you try and transfer tracks to the device direcly -- get ERROR cannot tranfer track to device.

However using SS to rip a CD to MP3 @ 320 kbs works fine -- you can then drag and drop (via Windows explorer) those files from the SS library direct to the music device which actually don't sound too bad at 320 kbs.

You also get the album and track info (whether you use ATRAC / WAV or MP3).

SS actually isn't that bad these days --however why can't sony make decent software for ripping directly to the device (like Simple Burner does for MD). We shouldn't have to load the music in to a computer library before copying to the device and certainly using the supplied software shouldn't error out on every type of music transfer.

I'm still not giving up on my Minidiscs however as I still think even a 256 kbs Atrac file sounds better than the 320 kbs mp3 ripped CD's. AAL is even better - these can be played on the RH1.



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Sounds kind of a nostalgic retrospective ;) - the function within SonicStage I enjoy most is "Get CD Info" for imported files/folders .. very helpful.

However, drag'n'drop is way better than SonicStage, I simply wouldn't use sony's WALKMAN software to do it ;):P

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