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MZ-M200 Question

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I've put this off for almost a year, but I think it's finally time to get a MZ-M200. Mainly because I have over 120 minidiscs and I want to transfer over to my computer. I have just a couple questions. When you transfer the songs, what format do they end up as? (MP3, WMA, FLAC, etc.). Are there any screenshots online so I can see what the whole "process" looks like?


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MDLP recordings (LP2/LP4) are transferred as-is, SP/MONO recordings are by default transcoded to Hi-SP, however you can choose to have them uploaded as PCM (recommended).

You can choose to have uploads automatically converted to WAV, or manually do it afterward. The resulting WAV can of course be converted to your format of choice.

P.S. The RH1 is essentially the same as the M200. The only difference is the price and the fact that the M200 comes with a bundled microphone. You will probably find an RH1 for a good bit less money.

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Hmm, so there will ultimately be some audio loss, however minute.sad-smileys-emoticons44.gif Guess I can't have everything. The main thing is that it'll hopefully cut the amount of time it takes to a fraction of what it would be if I transfered all this music in real-time. Thanks Raintheory. How difficult is the whole process? Is it pretty straightforward?


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The uploading process with the RH1 can be very straightforward once you have set the defaults, after which upon a successful upload SonicStage will dump resulting WAV files in the directory you choose.

Just to elaborate on data loss; there technically won't be any as a result of the transfer as long as you have the SP upload set to PCM. The quality will be only as good as your source though (SP = ~292kbps, LP2 = ~132kbps, LP4 = ~66kbps). The good news is that being a Hi-MD recorder, the RH1 can record in uncompressed PCM (16bit 44.1KHz), so any recordings you do from here out will be technically CD quality.

Uploading via the RH1 definitely cuts the time down compared to a realtime transfer. I spent a few years before the RH1 was introduced transferring our old discs in realtime via the optical output of my MDS-E10...

What format are the recordings you are going to import?

P.S. If you have ever used any other NetMD or Hi-MD recorders on your PC, be sure to follow the steps in the following thread to enable the full-speed transfer of legacy discs: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=21299


Here are a few screenshots for you, as well as a rundown of some settings you will want to change:

Main transfer screen


The red arrows are the transfer controls, so highlighting tracks on the MD side and clicking the left arrow will initiate the transfer.

The gray toolbox below the arrows brings you to our next step, transfer settings. Assuming you have a legacy MiniDisc inserted this will be the NetMD settings, which is what we want. On the first screen click on the "Advanced" button, then click on the "Import Settings" tab:


You'll notice on your screen that the "Format for importing non-MDLP tracks" shows "ATRAC (256kbps)" by default. You'll want to open the drop-down box and change this to "PCM (1411 kbps)" in order for your imported tracks to be full quality. Keep "Save in WAV format when importing" checked, and choose a directory for SonicStage to dump your resulting WAVs.

Once you've got the files imported and your WAVs in a folder, you can delete the files in "My Library" (be sure "Delete from computer" is checked when you delete them). The files in "My Library" are copy protected versions of the imported files, stored separately in SonicStage's folders, and effectively take up double the space on your hard drive if you keep them around. As long as you have your WAV files there is no need to keep the DRM'ed versions (which cannot be played in anything but SonicStage anyway, as they are .OMA files).

That should do it! Let me know if you have any questions.


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