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Hello my digital camera does no have micro in.

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Paul Weinstock

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Any help?

Unfortunately you bought the wrong camera. Canon video cameras do offer line in microphones -- I just bought one -- but their latest 'entry level' cameras do not. That means you have to record audio by using the inbuilt microphone which, is real quite good.

You can record separately to your HiMD but I gather that if you wanted to sync audio to visual image you need a high level video editing program and a degree of skill. The other problem is that it is easy that way to create video out of sync.

Nonetheless you can do a lot with editing video by adding sound files to your visual edit. You can also record voice over on all video editing programs -- such as Movie Maker., which comes free with Windows. A great audio editing program (free) is Audacity.

Here's a very simple exercise I shot -- with a still digital camera -- to which I added audio I recorded on Audacity by matching the time line of the audio to the video edit.


You edit , say 65 seconds of video so you create a sound file 65 seconds long and pair them. I used two tracks in Audacity for that very simple edit -- background noise + voice over -- while I ran the film. I then trimmed and relocated the files to suit.

Good sound, I reckon, is the difference between a good and bad videos(not that I know much, I'm very new at video making). Just look at the rubbish that gets posted to YouTube!

The high end editing programs offer you a number of audio tracts to lay down so you have more capacity to sync sound with image.`

Just one further point: Check the manual. The microphone jacks aren't always easy to find and it could be you missed its location or thought it was for line in or something.. Also check the model's features by doing a web search for it. But if there's no mic in there's no way to plug in a microphone. If you donlt have amanual search yo for your camera and add the word "manual".

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