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Pops/crackles after song transfer?

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Lately, I've been reripping some of my CD collection to MD at a Hi-SP rate versus LP2. Seems like at the start of each song, a loud pop/crackle can be heard right before the tunes start pouring into the speakers/headphonics. Is this normal? I've checked the original rip and they lacked any audio defects so I suspect there's a flaw in the encoding process. On second attempt though, the problem goes away.

Anyway, is there a fix to this rather rare occurrence?


And another thing completely unrelated: "fragmentation".

If you transfer a compilation to a fresh MD, delete the first song (because of what happened above), and retransfer it, the track gets placed AFTER the compilation. Imagine listening to first song end and the track heads moving back a long ways to read from the second song. Ridiculous! :)

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