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SP-TFB-2 Binaural + (?) recorder

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Hi everyone,

I listened some binaural recordings and they amazed me how good they are so I would also like to record something. I found SP-TFB-2 as a good choice for me as a beginner, but I don't know do I need and what recorder to buy for them?

I really don't know much about it, all I know is that I will be recording very silent noises (like walking, whispering...) - so, what's your suggestion?

p.s. I found some recorders but they are all over 200$, and I don't have that much =/ something cheaper? The only use will be to record sounds with this mic(s).

Thanks. ;)

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Quiet sounds are the most difficult to record because every part of the chain adds noise. The mic adds noise and the preamp (which makes the mic signal strong enough to record) also adds noise.

Wingfield Audio has tried a lot of recorders and made samples of speech and silence so you can hear the noise levels. Read their link about noise, too.


I recommend you save some money until you can afford the Sony PCM-M10, which is a great little handheld recorder. It is higher-quality than minidisc and much easier to use. You can find it at www.bhphoto.com for $229. (Add to cart to see that price.)

If you have not used minidisc before, it has some extra steps that other recorders don't require. You have to install a special program, SonicStage, in your computer--Windows only-- upload the recordings through SonicStage and then convert them from Sony's own format to files you can use. When minidisc was the best small affordable recorder, it was worth the inconvenience, but newer flash recorders like the PCM-M10--where you just connect and transfer the recordings--are more advanced and easier to use. Minidisc recording is also limited to the capacity of the disc: 90 minutes of the highest quality (.wav), about 8 hours of very good quality (Hi-SP).

If you really think you want minidisc, you'll have to look for used ones on eBay, and you may be able find an affordable one, but:

1) Look carefully at the condition, to make sure there's not a lot of wear around the buttons. Don't buy one without a sharp photo.

2) Look at the seller's feedback.

3) Only get a Hi-MD unit.

4) Don't forget you'll need discs.

The ONLY models that will transfer recordings to your computer, so they are not just trapped on the disc, are called Hi-MD--not NetMD, not MD. The model numbers start with MZ-NH, MZ-RH, or the MZ-M for the (overpriced) Mac-compatible models. There are not that many Hi-MD units, but they are quite confusing. EH are players only, models ending in D don't have live recording, L models are home stereos.

Basically the one to get is the MZ-NH700 or the MZ-NHF800 (which is the NH-700 plus a remote with an FM radio). The MZ-RH1 is the best minidisc ever, and will upload to Mac, but it's going to be out of your price range--and for that price, you should get the PCM-M10.

Here is the list of all Hi-MD units.


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