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SI: Ghostbusters III Coming In 2012

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Over the years various rumors have floated around about the film Ghostbusters III. The official press release regarding the movie has yet to be issued, but is expected within the next month.

Let’s take a look at the story so far this year with the anticipated movie.

In early January, Ivan Reitman confirmed that he will be directing the film. In March 2010, Bill Murray appeared on Late Show with David Letterman and talked about his return to Ghostbusters III, stating “I’d do it only if my character was killed off in the first reel”. In an interview with Coming Soon, Murray said: “You know, maybe I should just do it. Maybe it’d be fun to do.”. Aykroyd said a release is set for Christmas 2012.

In October 2010, Dan Aykroyd gave Vanity Fair an update on the status of the Ghostbusters 3 script, written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg: “I’m working on the script now and those two—Stupnitsky and Eisenberg, [writer-producers of The Office]—wrote Bill the comic role of a lifetime, and the new Ghostbusters and the old are all well represented in it…we have a strong first draft that Harold [Ramis] and I will take back, and I’m very excited about working on it.”

Shortly after that interview, at the Spike TV Scream Awards, Bill Murray appeared to accept an award for Zombieland. He appeared in full Ghostbusters gear, but gave no statements regarding the film.

In mid-October, a Sony Product Marketing Manager (Stefano Paganini) appeared at a Ghostbusters event in Rome and said “I spoke about this night with my boss from Los Angeles. She allowed me to let you know that the script of ‘Ghostbusters 3′ has been approved so the engine has been turned on!”

The original cast will return while casting is currently underway looking for young Ghostbusters. It has been reported Anna Farris has been cast as a young Ghostbuster and Will Forte and Bill Hader have be linked to unamed roles. Shooting will begin in May 2011.

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