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Copy/backup from Sony GigaJuke

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Les Stanley


I have one of these.

On the Sony site I can only find the new model

I copied my Cds onto it. 1097 apparently.

I also have one of these

I want to copy the files from one to the other. Partly for backup, partly for convenience.

The Sony does recognise the Cowon. When I connect it via the USB it says Cowon X7 HDD.

I follow the instructions to copy all files and all I ever get is the error, on the Sony, Track Full.

The Sony manual says Track Full means the number of tracks that can be stored on the USB device has reached it's limit. There's plenty of free space though, around 130GB.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'd really like to copy everything onto a laptop too but when I connect that the Sony just says No Device. I can copy to a USB, one CD at a time but that rather defeats the purpose.

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