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MZ-E10 for Sale. Will Post Overseas from Zurich CH.

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Dear SonyInsiders,

I stumbled across this forum as I searched for some details of my MZ-E10 Minidisc Portable Player.

So I thought I'd post it here first and see any members are interested in purchasing it?

I cannot remember when I bought it - I bought it in London.

I had many Minidiscs back in the day - but stupidly threw them when we moved

from London to Zurich back in 2009.

I pretty much have photographed it from all angles. So I hope you can see the condition is top.

The Ear Phones are the Originals - I never used it that much to be honest - I just kept hold of it.

Please see the photos and if your are interested - send me a PM or so...

Oh - if you wanna trust me (as I'm a newbie) I can send you a Web Link privately to my own Company
based here in Swistzerland.

So wishing you all a wicked weekend wherever you be.



Oops. The Plug to the Charger Cord is a 3 Pin UK (United Kingdom) Type.
















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Just to add that I am open to receive your Offers, so kindly PM me with them.

Fyi : I will Post this Anywhere (I will have to Add these costs to your Offer) From Zurich 8048, Switzerland.

Only once funds have cleared will I ship this. I'd like to bypass PayPal etc and given you my IBAN directly.

If you'd like to check out how much it costs. You can calculate it here in English Using the ABROAD & MINIPAC 500g selection:


With Thanks


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Hi there, just to clarify, in my original post "I am open to offers" means please email me with a $, £, €, ¥, Figure in mind and please do not to ask me what I want... As I do not know what the market value is - hence my appearence on this site.

I hope this helps those interested.

With Thanks


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So here is the deal Ben.

You happen to have come to, quite possibly the one place in the world, where there are a bunch of folks who know and love the MZ-E10. I own one and it is a thing of beauty. Many other folks in our community likely share my excitement about the cool factor of this unit.

The problem is that most everyone here also knows the truth about this great unit and that is the fact that after 5 - 7 years the internal lithium ion battery dies and there is not much to do with the unit except look at it. The battery in mine lasts about 10 minutes on a full charge, if I am lucky.

One of our regular users from Korea is a huge fan of this model and owns over twenty of them. He and a couple of other folks have figured out a way to replace the internal battery with a modified LIP4-MW which is still available in the marketplace. The dis-assembly and reassembly of this unit would likely be described as a challenge, at best ...

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