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Internal battery for MZ-R5ST deck

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I need one of these, or a tip as to where to find one, or information about suitable substitutes. This is not any disposable battery, but the mainboard battery for this deck. It appears on the service schematic as 'NiCd Battery', and shows up in the parts listing (pg. 88) as either of 1-528-797-21 or 1-528-797-31.  The physical dimension of the battery is idiosyncratic. I tried to fit a substitute and it would not go in to the saddle.  While I am at it, I'd like to find a LIP-8 for the portable unit, too, but this is a lower priority.

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The mainboard battery for the deck is a flat topped AA - at a squeeze you can push fit a standard rechargeable AA (NiCd or NiMH) - they will actually go in, just persevere - I have fitted to six of my units. The flat topped versions are available on ebay.

The Lip8 carcass contains a standard 14650 battery - just open the carcass along the seam (there are a couple of self locking tabs) - carefully remove the old battery by pulling off the tags with pliers and insert the new one - no need to solder, the battery will make contact well enough to work properly - reassemble the carcass and that's it. Lip-8s are almost impossible to find.


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