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Sony S-Link connection....


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Anyhow, in ym ALL sony system I have a sony VCR w/ a S-Link I/O and a Sony big screen with S-Link I/O. As I understand it the S-Link is supposedly a semi-smart conenction so that when I turn on the VCR it automaticaly turns on the TV. I have the VCRs S-link out connected to the TV's S-Link in with the provided cable yet when I tunr on my VCR the TV does not turn on... Its a real pisser because I can control everything from one-remote, and turn everything off, but I can turn on everything except for the TV. I have to keep the TV remote handy just for that one function... Any ideas as to why this isn't working? Also any more info on S-link in general?

Please help. 

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