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Exporting MD8 Multi-track discs to a computer

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My father owns a Yamaha MD8 minidisc recorder and has a bunch of old recordings with various numbers of tracks.

What would be the best way to import them into a computer with the lowest loss of quality? I would ideally like something that brings them in as files that can be converted to WAV/AIF as opposed to "re-recording" the files through another interface.

Would one of the Sony USB based portable players be able to bring in a multi-track recording? Any other approach or gear folks can recommend would be much appreciated.



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You cannot export MD data multi-track recordings from the MD8 to a computer (as a set of computer files).

You must play the multi-track recordings via the eight "Track Direct" analog outputs of the MD8, and re-record them.

Alternatively, you can mix your recordings down to a pair of stereo tracks, and use the stereo analog outputs of the MD8.

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