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NO ITEM/Unknown


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Very new to MP3 players and have a NW-E005F. I have been using SonicStage 4 but came across VoidMP3FM which I downloaded last night. (20 September 2006)

As per some of the previous comments I also get messages of Unknown and NO ITEM when viewing Songs and Albums.

My question is, has the issue (NO ITEM/Unknown) been fixed or is it outstanding. If fixed, then am I doing something wrong. I have all my Computer folders named as:


and simply dragged each folder onto the MP3 player.

Everything seems to work OK so far.

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Are your files ID3 tagged? Cause the player takes the information from this tags, not from the name of the file

I started from scratch and formatted the player. Installed the s/w into the root directory and then checked the ID3 tags via Mp3-Tag Studio 3 (I'm no expert on the tags buy they seemed to be correct). I then copied the 1 album to the player but still have the same problem when trying to search for a song/album/artist in the Search function.

Note: The correct track name is displayed when the player is playing the song.

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Yeah, got the same problem, would be really nice to have the search option.

I have the NW-E003 ver. 2 firmware, and since the Bug list in Void's website is not really there, i'd like to note aother bug (not suggestions\improvements) i've found:

The time progress in the device is slow, i.e. 1 minute in the NW is almost 2 minutes in real life. The songs are played fine, it's just the time display that is screwed up.

But other than that, it's doing its job. really nice!

BTW - any chance of making it an open source so we could all try and help?

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